Poetry - January 2010

End Of The Decade

It's been a ten years or so where the world has changed
The place has become a much more scary one to be
With terrorist attacks and various global flu epidemics
That mean that you really want to be glad to be free
When I look back at my own life personally
There's been a heck of a lot of change that's gone on
I've turned thirty and moved into my own little house
And managed to still work and be able also to move on
My love life has been great at the start and the end
And as I write this with the thoughts inside my head
That I have someone beautiful to be in love with
That I'd never thought I'd meet because I thought love was dead
My beloved Man City are now an established Premiership side
With an Italian now at the helm of the chalice of management
Having sacked an ex-Man U player as previous manager
Which let's be honest was a real disappointment
But most of all I have family and friends around me
Which keep me very grounded and also very warm and happy
That sometimes it makes me wonder how much
The changing world can sometimes affect me.

(It's been a right old decade hasn't it? And for me, I'm in a good place right now.)

Is Mancini The Man?

Roberto Mancini is his name
He has come from Italy
And has taken over the tough job
Of managing Manchester City
It's not the easiest of jobs to do
With money in the bank to be used
But I hope he doesn't do as before
When under the management of Mark Hughes
Players have been bought but came for money
And not for the real passion of the team
Where they don't try like they should
And keep the fans in low self-esteem
I see a difference already under him
In that he takes no messing about
And if anyone dares to cross his path
And argue like idiots, they'll be out
I am sure that he can raise the club up
And give the fans pride and passion
Which you can never get from an ex-Red
The fiery Italian will show lots of attention
Getting the best out of everyone
And crucially keeping a clean sheet
Where the defence looks better already
And that fact isn't lost on us fans - it's sweet
Time will tell if he really is the man
But he's as least got something right
City are a club that are in transition still
And it'll take time to get it right.

(City, bless them, are a right team to support, let me tell you. I just hope it's not another false dawn.)

Coughing Up Phlegm

I can feel a disturbance in my chest
That I really want to leave me and go away
I can feel it settling inside me
And it doesn't feel easier by the day
I cough, I contract, I feel it there
But it just won't reall shift at all
Even blowing my nose really hard
Just really doesn't do notihng at all
Eventually I can feel a cough coming on
And I can feel a taste in my mouth
As phlegm exits my body outwards
I can breathe a little easier - for now.

(I just wish this unsettled feeling in my chest would go away.)

Rage Against The Cowell Machine

We've had enough of endless X Factor trash
Another schmaltzy ballad that'll top the chart
Wouldn't it be great if something was done
That'd end up breaking Simon Cowell's heart?
A couple of real music fans thought so
And they started in earnest a campaign
That'd make the national news during that week
Where we all wanted real music to reign
It was Rage Against The Machine that was chosen
Because it's a classic rock single and a cracker
With the line of "... I won't do what you tell me"
Perfectly summing up my feeling of X Factor
I don't want to buy what Simon Cowell sells me
I want to make up my own mind about music
Proper instruments and talented artists
Instead of the pure sugary pop rubbish
That he churns out and the people will buy
With all that television and national exposure
I was glade that Rage Against The Machine won
It showed that in reality, the show may be over
Because the silent majority have at last spoken
They're sick of being spoon fed the same crap
They want to listen to all types of music
Whether it be rock, dance, indie or rap
But something that's been invented and has artistry
Where you feel a passion for what's been created
Instead of being force fed every Saturday night
Something that's so so vastly over-rated.

(I feel so reassured by the whole Christmas Number One thing, not least because a) real music won, b) real talent won and c) Simon Cowell doesn't appear so smug. Ha! And if RATM keep their word and do a free gig, I am so there, let me tell you.)

Du Hast Haiku

Du hast mich gefragt
So say Rammstein in their song
Who am I to argue?

(Hehe, worth buying their "Sehnsucht" album just for that alone, not least as it's also on Guitar Hero 5, yaay.)