Poetry - January 2009

The Wonder Of Woolies No More

As I child I remembered fondly
The white and red logoed front of the shop
The fact they stocked the pick and mix
And that you could always get some tosh
Whenever I was in North Wales on holiday
And if I had behaved well
I was allowed to go in their store in Colwyn Bay
And get a Lego set that did me so well
I grew up knowing the wonder of Woolies
Even the local area near me had one
I remember buying records from there
And had to get them before stock was gone
As the first recession hit that store closed down
But they got themselves back up again
And soon it was a case of the big one in Cheetham Hill
Being a sign that I could find the Lego train
This year proved a recession too many though
As it became master of nothing, jack of trades all
And as I spotted the 90 percent off the CDs
I wondered why shoppers weren't there before
It was too little too late and it's all closing down
With many of their sites being prime locations
It makes me wonder if no one wanted them
To carry on what for me was at least tradition.

(The days of Woolworths. I shall miss it in a quintessentially English sort of way.)

Countdown Begins A New Era

Watching television
On a Monday afternoon
I've got a lot of channels
Thanks to my Sky Plus HD Box
And I know that Countdown's different
Because Carol Vorderman has gone
But there's one thing that is so new
And that Jeff Stelling presents
He's off Gillette Soccer Saturday
That programme off Sky Sports
Where he and the reporters
Tell you what's happening in the football
And his fast paced presenting style
Is perfect for the slowness of Countdown
He'll make it exciting
Especially if any contestant is from Hartlepool
And he'll make everyone feel good
Just like the James Brown toy he has
Can't wait to see him solve a conundrum
And make Countdown worth watching again.

(Countdown with Jeff Stelling as presenter, how ace is that going to be eh?.)

Some Things Never Change

You go to Blackpool down the M55
The tram lines dominate the promenade
The amusement arcades are full
Of people and grabber machines
Coral Island has the Kentucky Derby
Which has to be so much fun
And if you win on the grabber, walk away
To another destination in this haven of sun
Except this is Winter and freezing cold
But everything is always the same
It's the same tacky shops with the hats
And the sex toys on full display
It makes you wonder what needs to change
To make the town look more new
The shopping centre's a good start
But there's so much else to do.

(Everything in Blackpool seems the same when I go, it really does.)

Zippy Claus

The last few years in Manchester
We've not had a Santa by the Town Hall
But instead a character from Rainbow
Has sat above the entrance hall
He is all yellow with a Santa suit
And seems quite scary to the kids
He's definitely got something about him
That makes Christmas so full of bliss
When the markets are on he towers above
Like some form of evil character
But it adds to the feeling of Christmas
That he'll be there till New Year after
He is Zippy from Rainbow you know
And I don't care if you don't agree
Because at least it's more exciting
Than another lit Christmas tree!

(I have got used to the Zippy Santa on the Town Hall now, it's kind of grown on me.)

New Year Resolution Haiku

I have just one wish
To spend lots of time with you
And love you so much.

(I am sure that the person this is intended for will appreciate this!)