Poetry - January 2008

A Question Of Balance

You meet someone new
And they seem to like you
But then reality takes over
Their workload is their home
They have no freedom to roam
And the luck is no four leafed clover
You try to fit in their time slot
But time they have not
As you realise that their balance is out
Work is everything and then some
Their employer takes advantage of them
And you're the one feeling without
As time goes by
You soon realise why
That some things aren't meant to be
But for people that want to date
Please don't leave it till too late
Say that your career keeps you busy!

(I definitely know that for me, a work and life balance is very important. I like to switch off when I get home from work and not take it with me, c'est la vie. Unfortunately for those that can't do it, it must be hard to have a relationship.)

Sale Mania

As you go round all the shops after Christmas
You see that most of the things reduced are tosh
They're the sort of things that you wouldn't wear
And that definitely wouldn't part you with the dosh
Unless you're there at five in the morning
To try and find the best bargains around
It doesn't seem worthwhile to spend the hard earned money
On something that's been reduced by a pound
Electronics seem to be the best bet in the sales
You always are finding new technology reduced a lot
And so if you paid for that fancy LCD TV before Christmas
The price reductions must make you feel like a clot
At the same time though it shows just how bad it's been
For the retailer not making any money
And when you have to realise that prices will go back up
Suddenly that purchase you missed doesn't seem so funny.

(Sales are great, but it seems, not for clothes any more. I didn't buy any clothes in the sales if that tells you anything.)

What Now?

I've lived and I've tried to love
I've given so much for so little
I've attempted to do the most with my life
But what now?
I've worked hard for the living I have
I've given myself so many new things to do
I really want to show that I'm capable
But what now?
I've thought up plenty that I can do
And wanted to show that I am a doer
I even want to fulfil some ambitions
But what now?
What do I do from here?
Where do I decide to head in the future
And most of all I need to know
That whatever I decide is for me.

(Just a little thoughful insight into how I've felt sometime when New Year comes around.)

Uncle Phil

It was meant to be an exciting day
Fir Park had witnessed an eight goal thriller
And the might of the Well had stayed third
Challenging up there for top honours
And it was the influence of Uncle Phil
That had got them there this season
Influencing the younger players
With his knowledge and experience
No one expected all that to be taken away
As Uncle Phil collapsed on the pitch
And was taken off to hospital
No one could guess what happened next
The heart had failed and the man had gone
The cruellest of ways for anyone to go
Everyone in football is with him right now
Wishing him well as he ascends to heaven
So many footballers are overpaid and overhyped
But here was a man who was a true football man
With passion and family coming first and foremost
And who made the number ten shirt his own.

(No football player deserves to die on the pitch like that. Phil O'Donnell, who passed away recently, was a true sporting gentleman and the tributes over the last few days have shown how much football as a community comes together for one of their own.)

The Chimes Of New Year Haiku

Midnight comes around
It's New Year as Big Ben Chimes
And everyone hugs.

(Well isn't that what happens?)