Poetry - January 2007

I Can't Write A Song To Save My Life

I Can't Write A Song To Save My Life
Even though lyrically I manage alright
I just can't compose the music to the song
And whatever I do I just happen to get it wrong
Maybe I should learn to sing like a star
And then with vocal coaching I might go far
Because then I could get somene else to write the music
And then for me to perform it and become nervously sick
But even though I know I can wax lyrical
The musical side of it is just totally abysmal
I can't read sheet music nor perform it from notation
I have to sequence everything - and that's bad motivation
Because I wouldn't feel I'd be writing a song
The music would just sound so cheap and wrong
If someone wants me to write their lyrics mind you
I could make a fortune like Diane Warren, too!

(I always have a mental block in that I could write lyrics no problem, but tune to go with it? Not a chance!)

Chauvanistic Pig

He seems the ideal boyfriend for her
Nothing is better he friends concur
And they start going out together
Everyone thinks they'll last forever
But underneath that nice exterior
Lies a dominating chauvanistic interior
That says a woman is there to do as he wishes
And not just to vacuum up but to do the dishes
And the power is so strong that the woman can't resist
She wants to be there for him and she will insist
But there's only so much a woman can take
Before her heart and soul will break
Then when she starts to say no and mean no
The dominant chauvanistic side will hit her low
So that she feels the full force of him being the boss
But if he carries on, she'll walk and it'll be his loss
One day things just go over the edge
And her emotions are hanging on by a fingertip on the ledge
It's at that moment on she know he's a right swine
And does a Miss Piggy on him and says "you're no longer mine!"

(When women proclaim "all men are bar stewards" this is the type of man that they're talking about. Thankfully I am not one of them. I could never be. I firmly believe in treating everyone with respect and care.)

Two Nights, Two Gigs, One Woman

I can't wait until the 9th and 10th of March
I am so excited I can hardly believe myself
That not only am I going to see one of my heroines
But someone who's become a real inspiration
There'll just be her and an acoustic guitar
And many appreciators of real good musical talent
As the gentle strings fill the air with beauty
The beautifully warm and intimate feeling is here
I'll be down in Sheffield at the Leadmill
Wanting to gaze from the front of the stage
And it'll be no different from the Academy 3
In Manchester where I'll just be in a daze
It's not often you get to see people you respect
And adore with all your inner warm heart
Because people who inspire you and make you feel better
Are few and far between.

(I'll leave it to you to work out what this is about. Needless to say the title says pretty much everything.)

New Year New Me

As I say goodbye to the old year that was last year
I think about how much things have changed for me
And how much the changes have been for the positive
In that although I may have not been fortuitous in one way
I've managed to gain so much more in another
I feel more independent, more alive, more full of life
I feel like as if a weight has been taken off my shoulders
And that the New Year will bring something different for me
I'm not sure what that's going to bring for me yet
The love of a beautiful woman might well be nice
But importantly to maintain the strong bond that I have
Between those closest to me that I can truly call my friends
The people who will tell it to you like it is all the time
The ones who understand how you feel and care for you
And if I have that stronger bond with me then it won't break
I can then concentrate on what's the important things for me
To carry on working hard, to have some me time
To have time to enjoy myself with others no matter who they are
But above all else, the real me is back and I'm so bloody chuffed
That above everything I'm going to hang on to that fact.

(I really have come a long way. And by being me, I want people to like me for me. If you don't understand that, then you don't get it.)

Wild In The Aisles

He sees an item of clothing for 99p
He adds it to his basket of goodies
That are racking up by the second
Most of it is full of stuff he wouldn't normally buy
But it's such a bargain at that price
It's really me isn't it? He thinks
But what he doesn't realise is that he's a sucker
For going wild in the aisles for bits.

(The amount of people I saw in Next buying stuff that didn't suit them. The mind boggles.)