Poetry - January 2005

Swept Away

Sat down by the beach away from it all
This is one Christmas that you won't forget
But for all the wrong reasons
As you play happily and wade in the sea
All of a sudden you spot a wave coming by
And it doesn't look like your average wave either
You realise that it's time to leave the beach
But by the time you have decided to go
The wave has caught up with you
You're being swept away at a high speed
By water almost twenty feet high
As you hang on to the tree that you've climbed up
Hoping that you're going to stay above water
And survive the horrible tragedy
That is unfolding before your very eyes
You see children helplessly swept away
You see mothers trying to save them, helpless
You see devastation on a massive scale
And realise just how lucky you actually are
In a few days time you're being flown home
But for those left behind homeless and helpless
Their whole lives have been swept away.

(Dedicated to those who died in the tsunami tragedy. Please donate to the Disasters Emergency Committee if you haven't already.)

Nothing Else Matters

The whole world, no matter how large
Couldn't be so much more torn apart
As the aid flies in from around the world
Nothing else matters
When you see the images on screen
How you feel their agony and pain
And your insignificant migraine
Says nothing else matters
Let us give for what they've lost
Let us hope for those who've lost
Because we know.

(Another tsunami poem, this time also dedicated to Metallica's Nothing Else Matters - the title of which seems so right at the moment)

Everything Is The Same As Before, Only Worse

Wake up
Have a wash
Suddenly realise
I've got a shaving cut
Get ready for work
Head towards bus stop
Bus goes past
I'm gonna be late
Arrive into work
Just on time
Then I realise
So much to do
Get on
With the day's tasks
I pause for lunch
I start again
Off I go home
Wait for the bus
Realise that's late too
Get home aeons later
Start to make tea
Put the oven on
Realise it's too low
So I start again
Then I sit back
And relax at last
But it's the same
Only worse.

(That back to work feeling, makes you feel that nothing's changed in the world around you and that everything is worse, the late buses, the crappy day etc etc...)

Who's The Idiot on The Line?

Ball lofted forwards from fifty yards
Goalkeeper spills the ball
Clearly into his own net
He tries to claw it out
To cover his embarassing tracks
And surely it's a goal
But the linesman's an idiot
He claims he couldn't see it
When both managers could
And they're from further away
Which makes me wonder
Just who was the idiot on the line?

(It still amazes me just how a referee couldn't give a clear goal to Tottenham in their game at Manchester United on Tuesday 4th January - when it was unbelievably over the line!)

The World Is At Odds With Itself

All I see is the world at odds with itself
Breathing out so much more of
Carbon dioxide, the chemical that will one day kill us all
Doesn't America realise the damages they and others make to the
Environment? Perhaps they don't care, but
For fuck's sake, they should realise that
G8 membership should mean you care about these things
Helping the world to be a better place and not just
Iraq, where the country needs to stand alone
Justifying an election for fairness, while the
Killing goes on in a senseless way
Losing lives there is more a casualty of the
Mayhem that is war, but compared to the
Nastiness that happened over Christmas
Over most of the Asian countries by the sea
Perhaps that was due to environmental faults?
Questions we may need to ask eventually
Rebuilding goes on, but so does the destruction
Smoke fills the air from factories all over the globe
Terrible poisons inflicted all over and inside our bodies
Usual practice for companies that put profit before people
Victorious in their pushes for greater money
While the world slowly starts to choke itself
X-Rays reveal that your chest suffered due to poisons
You start to ask just why the world is at odds when..
Zzzzzz. You sleep never to awaken again.

(An enviornmental protest at countries who don't care and pollute the world. We'll all die eventually, I feel.)