Poetry - February 2017

Love In Threes

Feeling so close
Having a cuddle
Sharing a kiss
Being two together
Having the goosebumps
And the tingles
When you meet
And enjoy company
Whispering sweet nothings
The long gaze
The deep feeling
Of being together
How you feel
Is yours alone
In the moment
A gentle softness
The warmth inside
Melts the cold
Gone being cynical
To being practical
What matters now
Is feeling this
Every single day
While you're together.

(I guess at this time of year it's good to remember that if you love someone, you should love them all the time, not just because of a certain particular day.)

Tied to the Alternative 90s

Seeing the red button and Steve Lamacq
Introducing the music videos from the 90s
Makes me remember all of those songs
And how Saturday nights were to do as I please
Listening to the vinyl and CD I have
Enjoying the moment of the next great track
Heading to concerts and bouncing along
And wanting all of that feeling back
Knowing it was all a part of my youth
And striking a chord with many a song
Awaiting the Monday morning new releases
With limited seven inches that didn't last long
I enjoyed all the grunge period
Then the explosion went mad with Britpop
And the bands then experimented more
From dub, drum and bass to trip hop
It was an exciting time for music for me
And so many of them have now reformed
So I can watch all their greatest moments again
And not feel old or scorned.

(Seeing all the BBC 6 Music Alternative 90s stuff on the BBC Red Button as of late reminded me of loving a lot of that music when I grew up - and encouraging me to explore even more too..)

One Year (And Two Months) On

One year (and two months) on
Since I made the brave move
Heading down South for work
And feeling I had nothing to lose
I'm still getting used to so much
The way people act differently
The fact that Southern Rail are crap
And my accent shouldn't define me
I know I've done the right thing
In terms of the career progression
The opportunities have at least come my way
And going upwards in succession
I do however think a lot of home
My Mancunian roots are always tied
And it's no shame to admit being up there
Feels me with a massive sense of pride
I am so thankful I still have my love
And the time we have together is so special
It really gives me the feeling inside
That I'm making my life feel so full
So one year (and two months) on
I feel I've made a good go so far
Now to continue this chapter in my life
And be able to progress even more.

(Definitely time to reflect on my time in a different place. I may live in Croydon, but my heart is pure Mancunian. Always will be.)

Whether The Weather

Every weekday morning
It's usually Carol Kirkwood bright and early
And then the local news forecast
With usually Kate Kinsella
Or later in the week, Elizabeth Rizzini
Setting me all up for the day
Determining what I may need to put on
As I head from home towards work
And face the morning darkness
I want to be able to remain dry
And not feel the biting wind on the face
So knowing what the weather might do
Determines whether I go waterproof or not
Also makes me think about going out
Then I can be sure to enjoy the time
I have at the weekends if I tune in
Knowing how to plan a day out
Of course nothing's ever fully reliable
But it's good to at least have an idea
Whether the weather be fair or not.

(BBC Breakfast is on when I get up, so Carol does the national weather, then normally Kate and Elizabeth for BBC London. Nice though when back in Manchester and I get Dianne Oxberry too)

Something Isn't Right

Something doesn't feel quite right with this world
It seems to be all about the megalomaniac
And their ways of doing whatever they want
Claiming it's a democratically approved process
When all they want to do is scaremonger
Not considering the wider effects of the actions
Bringing a feeling of anger to a lot of people
Whilst not realising that something's not right
You can't fix everything in one fell swoop
But you can it seems divide and conquer
Shouting off every night on their Twitter account
With a feeling of wanting everyone's attention
Well there's one thing that's worse
As Oscar Wilde once said
Than being talked about
And that's not being talked about.