Poetry - February 2016

Starman, Waiting In The Sky

Three days after an album release
Which many see as an inspired work
Came the sad news of the death
Of a man who was an icon and artist
The ever changing and developing man
Who wanted the sun machine to come down
And who sold the world with his ideas
The future was him all in space
And then becoming a different character
Moving to Berlin and brooding in darkness
Always changing, never stopping
Wanting to push his own boundaries
Refreshed in the 1990s with a mature mood
And then silence for several years
But The Next Day was just sensational
And for me showed that he still had it in droves
I went to the V and A museum
And the poster hangs on my wall
With the classic Aladdin Sane era pose
That defines many peoples' memories of him
It's hard to describe how I felt
When I'd heard the great man had gone
But it was just that of nothing
Of shock, feeling just an emptiness
My father had encouraged me to listen
And that encouragement had rang true
Now the outpouring just feels so much
A world feeling a sense of true loss
One day we'll all realise just how much
The starman meant to us all even more
There won't be another quite like him
And he waits in the sky for us all in Heaven.

(A month on, and it's still pretty difficult to take the David Bowie death news. More so as I've listened to Blackstar quite a bit in the last few weeks especially (note: I would have bought this album anyway regardless if he was alive or not))


It's so good to be so organised
Working out my routes to work
And alternatives in case of
Any untoward engineering work
Being able to act on the fly
Allows me to get around
I also have the CDs in order
So I can easily find everything
I'm just as passionate with films
So I can again find all that I need
There's a level of being organised
That just really is apt for me
So I'm able to do what I can
When I need to be able to do so
There's nothing more finer
Than me working out where to go
So I can make the most of my time
And enjoy all of the quality time
Being able to be so organised
Keeps me on the ball and happy.

(I must admit I do get rather anal about being organised, and it helps me get through the day well too..)


Everyone is running
Down the ramps again
Heading to the platform
Wanting to catch the train
They've all got trainers on
It's their morning exercise
To see how late they can leave it
To get on at platform five
Or fall victim to an alteration
That makes them to implore
Why couldn't they announce earlier
A move to platform four
So another run up the ramp
And then back down again
Just to see the doors closing
With a packed four carriage train.

(It's one thing I just can't get my head round - everyone runs for trains. Except me. I am much more chilled out about these things really.)

Love At A Distance

The woman I love
Is so far away from me
But I know when we have time
Our time is just so wonderfully
Full of emotions and love
Holding each other close
Makin the most of what we have
And not feeling so morose
We may spend time apart
Whilst we work during the week
But at the weekends it's our time
And it makes the work less bleak
I know that being together
Is a different sort of love now
But it's no less wonderful
Because we both made a vow
That the distance would be that
But our love would be stronger
Because when we miss each other so
We want to have hugs for longer
There's also a reality we have
That we both are doing what we love
So when we are embracing each other
It's a feeling of pure love.

(Being apart from The Love In My Heart is perhaps the hardest thing about me moving. However the time we've had together thus far has been even more special, and it will continue to be so, I know it.)

Shoot Out Haiku

The clock is ticking
Hit the pink on the buzzer
And a win is yours!

(Epic Joe Swail win in one of the earlier rounds of the Snooker Shoot Out!)