Poetry - February 2015

It's Over The Post

You're only young
But you love your football
So on a warm summer's day
You arrange with your mates
To go to the local park
And have a good kickaround
The only problem is
That there are no proper nets
You try and find a couple of trees
To use as the posts
But none are that close together
So some of you put coats down
And these are used as markers
For the artificial goalpost
The team picking ensues now
They always pick the talented ones first
And will have this uncanny habit
Of putting the worst player in net
So he hasn't got to tackle too much
Anyway, the first shot ensues
And it's goalbound seemingly
It swerves four feet over the coat
And then the argument ensues
'It's a goal surely?' questions one
But the other says 'It's over the post
And that means it would have come out'
This argument continues for two minutes
Settled only by the fact
That the attacking team's player is hard
So he gets most things his way
And a goal declared in their favour
But it's only the first of many occurrences
How you wish for proper nets!

(I'm sure growing up playing football we've all had this occurrence when you use coats or jumpers to represent goal posts..)

The Job Interview

You've applied albeit successfully
To quite a lot of jobs in the market
But unfortunately there's so much
Of other people competing out there
You can only sit and watch
As the rejection letters pile
And pile greater on your doorstep
But then one breaks the mould
They see you're impressive enough
And grant you an interview
A crucial half hour
It could change your life forever
All the days leading up to the fateful aone
You're full of nerves
You want to do well
You want to impress them
And not to depress them
And be positive about yourself
You keep thinking about this
As the day dawns nearer
And it is finally here
Everything is ready
You've showered twice over
You're feeling the nerves
You want to be clean
And all of a sudden
You forget the questions
You'd prepared to ask
When they ask you the dreaded phrase
'Any more questions'
And although you want to earn a lot
You don't consider asking
The monetary question:
It's too predictable
It's so insincere
So you get there
You try and be yourself
Give a good handshake
Into the interview room
Thinking about your every word
Thinking about your every motion
Not trying to show emotion
And you respond politely
And promptly to their questions
You then remember the questions
You wanted to ask
And ask away you do
They seem impressed you've bothered
To think of some thought provokers
And so it carries on to the end
You leave the building
You think you may not have got it
But you've given it the best
And that's all everyone wants
In itself
It's some achievement
To get an interview
In this day and age
No matter how you did
At least you got there
And you can do it again.

(Various thoughts run through the mind in a job interview. I guess it's so true that one mistake is asking about the salary, which is why I don't ask that to be honest - the advert should tell you that anyway...)

Loving Yourself

If you don't love yourself
Then who will love you?
And if you love yourself
Is that a sign of being aloof?
You need to love yourself
So you feel more confident
But if you love yourself too much
That also puts people off
Love yourself first
And then love others too
And that's the healing process
That we all have to do.

(I think often it's difficult to strike that balance of loving yourself, but if you don't feel happy about yourself in some way, you may not make others happy when you're with them. I went through similar soul searching especially during 2007 and that worked wonders for me.)

Walking Through The Snow

The ground turns white
In the countryside hills
Many sledge down at speed
With all the thrills and spills
Some decide to admire the view
With crisp whiteness everywhere
And I just want to walk
Wwithout a single care
In the world as I head along
The paths through the countryside
Stopping off at each peak
Admiring the views as I arrive
Crunching the boots in the ground
As the walk is keeping me warm
From the cold wind elements above
As the path gets deeper true to form
The snow is coming down some more
And my walk is almost complete
Seeing the Cheshire hills rolling
And admiring how idyllic and neat
Everything seems to look
As I walk back towards the bus
With the whiteness all around
And the beauty all around us.

(With all the snow, it's been nice to take a more wintry walk..)

Kraftwerk Haiku

Trans Europe Express
Gave way to Computer World
And music non stop.

(Classic band of all time - and the gig at Manchester Velodrome in 2009 is one which will stay with me..)