Poetry - February 2014

Forbidden Journey

He commutes with her on the train
At first they didn't know each other
Exchanging passing glances
Whilst reading the morning paper
But as the journey is the same each day
There's other ways to pass the time
So they get to talk to each other
And find that they have things in common
Despite being different personas
Their common ground is a bond
And as the time passes by each day
They think what might happen
And on one fateful night
When they can't get their train home
They stay over, and in the same room
They can't hold back any longer
She undoes her blouse just enough
For him to kiss her on the neck
And from then it's passion and lust
It's the thrill of the forbidden
Which carries on for a fair while
Until one of them is found out
And then their worlds crash apart
So was it worth their thrill?

(Partly inspired by the TV drama The 7:39 that was on TV the other week, I suspect quite a few people who have a similar commute may have been tempted to have the thrill of the forbidden and have a rather lustful moment with someone they share their journeys with..)


If I ever take a long journey
And see the beautiful countryside
It's so nice to be away from it all
To escape from the city and hide
But there's a time when I know
That however far I roam
It's also good to take the journey back
And head for the comfort of home
I feel safe and secure at home
With my cosy feeling as I sit here
Knowing that I can have a coffee
And not worry about the wind or rain here
But that feeling of getting home
Is one of knowing that you've had a good day
And home is where the heart is
A home that's mine and here to stay.

(There's times when being out on a journey is lovely, but getting home and feeling comfortable is rather lovely too it has to be said.)


When they say football is a game of two halves
You really have to find a time when it's so
And evidence of that was at Manchester City
The Etihad Stadium, the place to go
City have been scoring for fun at home
The ground has become a fortress
But try telling that to a Watford side
Who were full of breaks and progress
They wanted to come and spoil the party
And scored two brilliantly taken goals
Tearing the defence apart time and time again
Deserving their lead at the home fans groan
But the half time team talk seemed
To wake the City side from their slumber
And with Kompany and Zabaleta directing things
Lots of pressure, Watford were under
City fought back to 2-2 with ten minutes left
And then a Kolarov shot squirmed through
The comeback was complete as they took the lead
The Watford fans and keeper felt blue
Sergio Agüero compounded the scoreline
With a goal for his hat trick at the end of the game
But salute the way that we came back
The two halves were a different game.

(Some game that was at the Etihad Stadium, from 2-0 down to winning 4-2 in the second half. Maybe that's why we love football so much!)


The rain comes down some more
As the levels of the rivers rise
There's no dry drainage available
And here comes the river, they cry
Natural flood plains are full of water
The defences are over breaking point
Villages are stranded from the world
And it just seems like there's no point
In getting help from the Environment Agency
Because they clearly have no clue
That the weather was going do to this
And their plans were clearly overdue
As the Conservative minister visits
He gets very hostile reception
From people who've lost their livelyhoods
And they felt their vote has been for deception
The water will subside one day I'm sure
But it'll leave behind so much rage, you see
From those who clearly needed help
And didn't get it from their elected MPs.

(I feel really gutted for the people, especially in the Somerset Levels, who have had such a bad time of it with flooding, and no receding, and no real help from anyone, especially the Environment Agency.)

Haiku, And Ting

No pop, no style, no
They were strictly roots you know
In their heels and ting.

(Uptown Top Ranking, now that was a tune back in the day)