Poetry - February 2013

Invasion of Red and Pink

All the shops you go in
Are full of red and pink
As the soppy season starts again
And it really makes you think
Just why are those colours always there?
The ones that represent love
Are over-used and over here
With many card shelves above
That try to tell you to be mine
On this one day of the year
But surely you don't need to be told
As you love your partner so dear
It's all red and all pink everywhere
And it's like an invasion of red and pink
You just hope people love all the time
And not just the one day, you think.

(I guarantee every card shop will have red or pink envelopes with red or pink writing on a card with completely over the top imagery on it - oh joy of joys. If you love someone you love them all the time, right?)

Crunching Through The Snow

Less than an hour from Manchester
You train has arrived in the Peak
And as Buxton looms large below
It's all crunchy white snow you seek
Walking down to the Opera House
Is a rather slippy mission to do
But when you get there and see the Pavilion
That and the gardens provide such a view
Of crisp white snow untouched by gritters
And it seems to peaceful and serene
You walk around looking at the landscape
With many a perfect Winter's scene
As children slide their sledges down the Slopes
Hoping that they don't fall over
You know it seems a perfect Winter's day
As the snow just rests all over
It's a beautiful place and the walk feels strangely warming
As you see the ducks skate on the pond
Walking back to the station you've just realised
You've found a place that your memories are fond.

(It was really nice heading around Buxton last week. In the snow it seemed beautiful and serene it has to be said.)

Long Time No See

You've not seen someone for so long
You wonder if things will be the same
As there's only been the odd email
And you wonder if that's a shame
Life has moved on in that time
And you don't know how you'll feel
But when you see that person
You'll know if everything will be real
Conversation seems easy enough
And the time spent seems to be fine
You just hope that you've both realised
That it has to be done more of the time
Have a bit of time out to take a break
And spend some time chatting away
Because if you don't keep in touch
Everything might just fade away.

(Sometimes getting back in touch works out with people, but it's one of those great unknowns sometime....)

The Little Steam Train

When your parents were much younger
They told you of how steam powered the train
Of course you really didn't believe them
Until you've seen some television programmes again
Where all the old lines that were closed
Under the dreaded axe of Beeching
Are now flourishing under new owners
And that it defines a lovely way of travelling
It then makes you curious to the bygone age
Where the coal fired steam engine would take you
As you hurtled through the countryside
To the coast, to the city or somewhere else new
With the steam passing over your carriage
As the train sped through the valley
It really does prove your parents were right
And that steam was indeed the daddy.

(I must admit I get all nostalgic when I see a steam train, especially thanks to Great British Railway Journeys and all.)

Portillo Haiku

Politics were bad
But being on trains was good
So he found his niche.

(I can't be the only one who thinks Michael Portillo is a much better person hosting programmes on his love of trains and following the Bradshaw's guide instead of being a politician!)