Poetry - February 2012

Party Like It's 1989

So it's Madchester revisited
All the bands are reforming
Patching up their differences
And new recordings spawning
Excitement from the fans
Who remembered them first time
Wondering if it'll all last
And if their reunion will be a crime
Or instead be a real success
That makes you wonder why
They even split at all
And left their diehard fans to cry
So The Stone Roses are back
Happy Mondays are up next
And New Order are now touring
It'll be Northside next
One thing that is clear
That it'll still sound divine
And everyone will party
Just like it's 1989.

(It really is Madchester all over again at the moment - it makes me wonder though if it'll be as good or if it's just a blatant cash in. Cue cries of "reissue! repackage!" at the back...)


There are times when I feel so tired
But yet times when I just feel too awake
It's those nights that worry me so
Because the whole of my body will ache
With the pain of not sleeping so well
And yet not feeling like I need to lie
And have a worthwhile rest at night
Oh, how the nights make me cry
I just want to do what I normally do
And when the head hits the pillow
I'm able to sleep without worries
And not necessarily feel so low
I think it's proabably me thinking too much
That's causing me to feel insomnia
Instead I just want to shut my eyes
Count some sheep and feel the pillow near.

(It's the Wintry nights that really do disrupt the sleep patterns somewhat - I ideally want to sleep properly!)

Retro Gaming Fun

I've been testing through my old games
Making sure that they all do work
And some of them prove that over the years
They'd drive many a gamer beserk
With the insane difficulty level
And having to remember every single move
it's not easy to progress sometimes
Without having something to be able to prove
However there's many a game
Which proves to be a lot of fun
With plenty of playablity within
That just tells you that it's a good 'un
It's not always about the fancy graphics
Or the soundtrack coming from the TV
But instead one moment of gaming joy
That makes you just feel full of glee.

(Sometimes the old ones are the best - especially when having a test through plenty of the old games that I've been playing. Some of them have been so much fun I've lost two hours playing them without realising!)

Sinking Ship

Another person leaves the office
Makes you wonder if it's worth staying
As you see they're not being replaced
You're hoping and praying
That it's not your turn next
As the recession bites the business
And the more it hits the deeper it gets
Which leaves everyone in a right mess
Part of you thinks you'd want to leave
And try and get more job security
But what's out there for you right now
And the chances are one in seventy three
You bide your time and sit it out
But feel the business is a sinking ship
You don't want to go down with it going bump
But it's easy to see that anything could slip.

(With lots of businesses going bump, there's plenty of people out there having to make an informed decision about what they do in terms of jobs and job security, or lack of...)

Freezing Haiku

It's minus thirty
In some parts of Russia now
By 'eck, that is cold!

(So, global warming doesn't exist you say and the weather isn't being more extreme? Definitely not so..)