Poetry - February 2011

But We Want To Hear The Singles!

I head along to a gig to see a band
Whom I've respected for many a year
I know the albums well and play them often
Their songs fill me with lots of cheer
But now they play large arenas
And full of people who only know
The singles they've heard as a download
Or on their national radio
So when you go to see them
And they play the stuff they want to play
The crowd look rather disinterested
Because they don't know this one, they say
We want to hear the song from the chart
The one that was on the radio for ages
But the band played their own songs instead
And sent the casual fan into little rages
But in the middle of the crowd
The proper die-hard fans who love the band
Have massive smiles on their faces
Because their band play for their fans
They are doing the songs that the fans like
And not swayed by radio opinion
And if that means the real music fans win
Then to me, that's just the best option.

(I had heard reports that when people went to see Roxy Music at MEN Arena, plenty of people were narked off becuase the band played album tracks and not that many singles. I'm sure the real fans of the band who love the first two albums (and rightly so!) would have been having massive smiles on their faces.)

Throw Away The Keys

The camera pans to Richard and Andy
As they get ready to introduce another game
But the words that they utter
Will put them both into national shame
Attacking a female assistant referee
Claiming she doesn't know her offside rule
When in fact a correct call during the game
Showed that Sian Massey kept her cool
It turned out to be the tip of an iceberg
As more exposes of the two came to light
That instead of being fair minded people
Their views on women weren't right
I was pleased to see them both go
And hopefully the powers that be
Will realise not all football needs to be on Sky
Lock Andy Gray, and throw away the Keys.

(Dear me. Makes me wonder just how out of touch Sky tend to be with their viewers if they think that they can reiterate the whole "lad" culture in football by their sexist comments. Quite rightly Andy Gray and Richard Keys have gone, but makes you wonder just how else Sky operate doesn't it?)

Square Of Change

Standing in a square in Cairo
Demanding justice for the people
Somehow it seemed originally absurd
But now everyone is here
As they seek to overthrow Mubarak
Wanting change for everyone
But what really will happen
The marching through the streets
The looting of the shops
The rioting of the protestors
Nothing seems to be moving
Everyone seems to be here
But you're still standing in the square
Penned in by the army
Nowhere to go, nothing to do
Hoping to ride it out till change comes.

(It's all very moving and very worrying at the same time. What will happen in the future I wonder?)


Two by two the animals went in
Two is what a yellow scores in snooker
Two is in the house number of my mum's
Two bedrooms I have in my house
Two is the arms that I have
Two is the legs that I have
Two heads are supposed to be better than one
Two heads though would look a mess
Two eyes to see the gorgeous landscape
Two ears to hear the birds in the morning
Two feet that are left feet for dancing
Two songs I know by certain bands
Two platforms at my train station
Two different buses I can take to work
Two sugars I don't have no more in my tea
Two is too much when there's only one me.

(Is two better than one?)

Anti-Valentine Haiku

I don't need to say
About how much I love you
I say it always.

(Love is 365 days a year, people!)