Poetry - February 2010

Love Is Gone

It's over, she said
With a tear in her eye
You are there in shock
It all feels so empty
You stand there
Not knowing what to say
Why say this now?
Couldn't it wait?
You don't want to admit it
But maybe she's right
Love has run its course
And nothing you can do
No point crying tears now
What's done is done
And you both leave alone
To contemplate what it was.

(Whilst being in love is good, for some people love does have to end. A poignant thing to remember when you're all getting lovey dovey on Valentine's Day.)

The Unrequited

You look at her longingly
And she doesn't even realise
That you feel so much for her
But just can't bring yourself
To say what you really feel
It just seems so difficult
You've known her for years
As someone who gets the same bus
And yet in those eyes you can see
She has that look of being alone
But you don't know about her
She could have a partner
And all your dreams are for nothing
But one day you want to find out
You try to bring yourself to say it
Yet you just cannot do it
What you don't know is that she is
Hoping you say something to her
Because she feels unrequited
And maybe you'll both never know.

(Do people still find love like this and never realise? Makes me wonder.)

Environmental Worries

Whilst I think about the
World around me, I
Wonder what might happen
When the earth warms up
Why is no one doing anything?
Well, you'd have to consider
We as a world don't care
What seems to happen to us
Worried I definitely am, and
When we all see the sea rise
We will then just have to say
"Well, I told you so."

(IMakes me wonder if anyone really cares. Thankfully being able to recycle more waste easily thanks to the new recycle bins makes life easier..)

Saturday Night's Not Alright For Telly

You'd think with the New Year dawning
And with people being rather short of money
That you'd be able to watch something decent
On a Saturday night - maybe something funny?
But the schedules on the main channels
Are just full of trite that isn't so good
What happened to the good old variety we used to have
And the stuff that actually made Saturdays good?
So You Think You Can Dance is a real disaster
Just full of an American import with Cat Deeley
And that doesn't make me want to watch
Or even get anything close to touchy feely
Take Me Out on ITV's not that much better
In that it's always about those who are the most loud
What happened to an old fashioned romance
Where if you fell in love you'd be proud?
It's far too much reality television for me
And it makes me really wonder why
If there wasn't any sport on to keep me sane
That it wouldn't be worth paying for Sky.

(Is it me, or is Saturday nights on the telly getting worse each week? What happened to good shows? I'm just hoping the new Doctor Who series gets a Saturday evening run and restores some order into proceedings.)

Snow Haiku

The snow, it was deep
Had to walk far into work
And then be sent home.

(A long walk for nothing it was....)