Poetry - February 2007

Perfection? Not Me

If I was truly a perfect person
I'd probably hate myself
Life would be so dull and boring
And I'd just end up on the shelf
People like us being imperfect
Becuase it means we all have flaws
It's what makes us more real
And it's what gives us our claws
To scratch the surface of ourselves
With all our imperfections we've got
And I'm proud to be imperfect
Because I'd never be something I'm not.

(Are people obsessed with perfection when you see them cutting their body to pieces for extra looks I wonder? Take a look at Pete Burns to see it go horribly wrong.)


Even though it's the middle of winter
All I feel inside is a radiant glow
Because my inner warmth is coming to the fore
And it's something that I'd rather know
Is there inside me giving me my strength
To have the guts to be gentle and kind
Because one day that warmth will exude so much
That I won't feel that I've been left behind
I know my warmth is a strength I have
And it's back inside in abundance I can tell
If I manage to share that warmth with someone
Then believe me, they'll want things to go well
Because I know that only beauty comes from inside
And if I'm able to be the warm person I know I can be
Then someone's going to get the benefit of that soon
And I don't care if it's not till 2023.

(You know, when I think about it, I know I'm a warm caring person. Just giving myself a confidence booster now and then.)

Expensive Date?

She gives dating and web sites such a bad name
Her swindling money out of men is a total shame
When she said she wanted a sugar daddy
She was fleecing innocent caring people for money
It's one thing being someone fanciable and nice
But being dishonest just makes you want to say thrice
No no no, that's not what being on a date is about
It's expensive if you have to spend and fork out
Especially if you don't know you're being swindled so
Before you know it, your bank balance is so low
Two years in prison hardly seems enough for her
When deceit is a trail of dishonesty, I concur.

(There are some women you wouldn't want to date. Read this and find out why.)

Not So Beautiful Anymore

We loved them from the bottom of our pencil case
We could have been in Rotterdam or anywhere
Don't marry her, they said, have me instead
(Although if you listened to the album version you'd hear them swear)
Maybe they needed a little time to think things over
But they've decided to sail their ship alone
It's not so much and no longer a perfect ten
But a size nineteen, the years of their musical gen.

(The Beautiful South are beautiful no more, c'est la vie.)

One Day of Pathetic Soppiness

One day of everyone going overboard
One day of people liking hearts and flowers
One day where I especially want to be sick
Please pass me the bucket now
I mean, shouldn't people show their love more often
Than just one day designed for commercialism
You go round the shops in mid-January
There they are staring you in the face
Cute bunny rabbits holding big hearts
With a message that isn't your real expression
So next time you're down the card shop
Deciding to pick something for your loved one
Just ask yourself this
Do I want to show my love all the time
Or just pander to the hearts and flowers brigade
Who have to be told how to show their love?

(Well, you do have to wonder!)