Poetry - February 2005

Everyone Has More Than Me

Everyone has more time than me
Everyone has more energy than me
Everyone has more money than me
Everyone has more friends than me
Everyone has more sleep than me
Everyone has more relationships than me
Everyone has more than me
Except no one's more happier than me.

(Self-explanatory, really.)

Slippery Slope To Nowhere

You date a famous super model
You've quit your previous band
But you can't shake off your addiction
That costs you each day a grand
As the intensity of your live performance
Nominates you for an award
The laurels aren't there to be rested on
But every turn you take is absurd
The addiction to fame and fortune sets in
As the hallucinations take hold
Even though the venue's hot and sweaty
You're shivering like you're really cold
Sooner or later it'll end in tears
But no one should really cry for you
Your drugs are the slippery slope to nowhere
And no one is to blame except you.

(Damning it may be, but is anyone else sick of the media attention given to Pete Doherty?)

If The World Was Really Flat As First Thought..

It wouldn't take eighty days to go around
Ellen McArthur wouldn't be sailing for weeks
Jules Verne would have had no novel to sell
The Vende Globe would be a complete myth
Cartographers would have no need for a globe
But instead sell their atlas as a poster
Flights around the world just wouldn't exist
We'd have no need for international date lines
And theoretically the sun would shine at the same time
But it does make you wonder just why it was thought
That the world was flat as a pancake
And not the multicultural place we call home.

(Just something I've wondered, occasionally...)

It's That Time Of Year

Everyone gets over the top for no reason
And indulge themselves in romance
But all they really have are false personas
And they don't really mean what they say
It's an industry in itself to find the largest card
Or the largest bouquet of flowers you can find
But even with all those efforts you may make
A lot of the time it's an empty gesture
If you have soul, you should mean what you say
And not just pander to commercialism all the time
When was the last time you said three little words
To your loved one and meant it so true?

(February 14th. Bah.)

I Want That One

I want that one, yeah
Yeah I know, I want that one
I don't like it, no

(Obvious haiku tribute to Lou and Andy from Little Britain.)