Poetry - December 2018


Such a large engineering project
Taking place under the capital's streets
With boring machines running
And lots of people hunched over spreadsheets
It's clear that this was going to take time
With such a massive undertaking
Yet it was clear not finishing on time
Was going to be part of its making
The stations in the capital's centre
Just had so many additional considerations
Such as finding the hidden burial graves
And many more such complications
Naming it the Elizabeth Line
Didn't really mean anything to me
It'll always be Crossrail, now Crossfail
As more delays are announced today.

(Such a massive task was always going to take time, but it looks like May 2020 might end up being the date that the central London part would be open and trains running..)

Sunday Night Slowness

I am heading home after a lovely weekend
Where my love has made me feel special
All I want to do is to get home speedily
As this train is already pretty full
We've stopped for no reason at Macclesfield
Until it's announced of an issue up ahead
What next to be done, to wait or to reverse back
Within the Virgin control towers, words are said
Decision is made to go back to Stockport
And then sit it out there for a long while
Then going back the way we came as it's clear
And being delayed even further, passengers feel hostile
Add to that more delays via Northampton
As we end up being stuck behind a slow train
What should have been a 10pm arrival
Ends up being a near midnight refrain.

(Most of the time, Sunday night journeys homewards are stress free. Not the other night...)

Snuggly Cat

It's late at night
And here comes the cat
Wanting a little snuggle
As he gets towards the pillow
Lying down next to you
Asking for a tummy tickle
His fur is all nice and warm
And just wants a big cuddle
He goes to the end of the bed
And lies across the bottom
Ensuring your duvet stays on you
And keeps you all warm
The cat comes up to you
And wants you to stroke him
Making you both feel all warm
As he's such a snuggly cat.

(Brian the cat is very much in this mode of behaviour, as other cats are too...)

Seventh Heaven

Seven times a champion
More than anyone else in this tournament
As the York Barbican crowd applaud
Another fantastic snooker achivement
Century breaks along the way
Against a determined opponent
But you play with freedom and style
That is beyond any greatest argument
It's another impressive win
With the crowd rising as one to ovation
Perhaps more of your story is to be written
In other tournaments across the nation
One thing does ring true though
That you've now surpassed another legend
Is that you will always be remembered
For breaking records most can't comprehend.

(Amazing stuff from Ronnie O'Sullivan at the UK Snooker Championship - seventh UK title (a record) and 19th Triple Crown victory (also a record.)

Slade Haiku

Are you hanging up
Your stocking on the wall yet
Because it's Chriiiiiiiistmas!

(If Noddy Holder of Slade did haiku...)