Poetry - December 2017

Snow on the M62

Heading back over the tops
On a cold and windy Friday night
There was an additional thing
That made us feel a slight fright
Diverting past the infamous farm
I could see white flakes falling down
Hitting the windscreen at speed
And making everyone slow down
It may have looked pretty on the moor
But not very pretty to be driving through
It appeared horizontal at the roadside
With the snow all fresh and new
Certainly the first part of Winter set in
With Saddleworth looking very white
We got through it all in the end
And by Rochdale it was all alright
But to be up there in the darkness
And seeing the white stuff fall
Showed that this Winter could be a cold one
And the temperature to be sod all.

(The Love In My Heart did superbly well to drive through that snow, it was pretty horrid it has to be said...)

The White Bear

It's so nice to be away
On the Yorkshire Dales National Park
There's a place we both love there
It gives us a warm feeling and a spark
The small town of Masham
Which has two breweries and a market
But best of all it has The White Bear
A hotel which you must go and stay at
The rooms are really comfortable
The bathroom is one you'd want at home
The beds are just idyllic to sleep in
And the lemon drizzle cake is legendary known
The staff make you all feel welcome
And it's a place we can just relax at
The breakfast fills you up for the day
A place that we both love staying at.

(Off to the Black Sheep or Theakstons Brewery Tours? Stay at The White Bear in Masham. Not cheap, but so worth it!)

Black Month of Bargains

What was an American thing
Because of it the day after Thanksgiving
Now appears to be an opportunity
For shops to make more of a living
It was the madness of one day
People scrambling for crap makes of TV
Now it appears to be an endless sale
All November witgh bargains to a tee
It's clear that a one day sale didn't work
And saw madness and scroats fighting
So instead a more civilised longer period
With everything from books to lighting
Yet still there's a part of me that thinks
We shouldn't copy what Americans do
Have our own sales inventions instead
Making discounts all the time as they need to
I've never paid full price in Debenhams ever
Other shops always seem to have a sale
So will Black Friday just die out
With the very name going quite stale?

(Clearly having the one day thing wasn't working, but it feels like it's a whole month of discounts now with things ramped up in December. I suspect strongly that it'll die off and just become an Autumn sale over the next couple of years.)

My Christmas Wish

I don't want a lot for Christmas
The love of my wonderful girlfriend is all
But if I had one wish that wasn't a present
It'd be that the world would be better for all
No racism, no violence, no hatred
Just everyone getting along together
No idiots causing terrorism everywhere
And a sense of the world getting better
We don't need no rhetoric of division
What we want is a sense of belonging
Being ourselves but also being a part of the world
Where everyone has joy that we all bring
There's so much vitriol and anger
Yet if everyone was to take a step back
What we'd all find is that it's not worth it
And that it's only a conscience they lack
I want to make the world a better place
By doing the things we all should do right
And if we all were to embrace each other
Then we may just be alright
I know it's a utopian wish
And I also know that no one may agree on everything
But for once let's cast things aside
And show that peace and love is a good thing.

(Probably too much to ask for, but sometimes the simplest things are the easiest to forget but also the easiest to have...)

Mince Pie Haiku

Frangipane is best
The ones they sell in Betty's
That and a coffee.

(Oh yes. That.)