Poetry - December 2016

Southern Rail Spiral

The unions blame the management
The management blame the government
The government blame the unions
And so the spiral begins
It's not about what's best for passengers
With the contract shrouded in secrecy
It's about what the Department for Transport
Can keep back from the public concern
And so another spiral begins
With the ministers blaming the unions
And the management blaming the unions
But the passengers don't all agree
They work in jobs and are intelligent
They've clearly made up their own minds
Through the frustration comes action
And from this yet more concealment and deceit
No truth, no freedom of information
Yet more excuses and yet more blame game
All the passengers want to be able to do
Is to travel to and from work reliably and safely
Not too much to ask you would think
But while the spiral of blame is out of control
All we can do is be the collateral damage
Which benefits no one whatsoever.

(There's bad services, and then there's the whole fiasco over Southern Rail. It's such a mess that needs sorting out and I'm seriously considering whether it's worth the hassle of commuting...)

I Dine At The Ivy

Walking along Kensington High Street
Seeing the many people walking
Heading to the Ivy Brasserie
For a lovely meal? Now you're talking
My love and I sit at table
With a happy smiling face
Wondering what delights we'll have
And whether the food will be ace
No surprise that it was all lovely
The service was just impeccable
But what I had for dessert
Was heavenly and unbelievable
The most gorgeous blueberry sundae
Full of flavour and plentiful too
A lovely end to a beautiful meal
That made our evening for two
Not the cheapest meal I've had
But so worth it for the experience
One day you should dine at the Ivy
And sample some pure indulgence.

(Made the whole weekend with my love even nicer being at the Ivy Brasserie Kensington. I can recommend it highly let me tell you.)

Hello Manchester

Arriving at Piccadilly
Still feels like coming home
And that's rather reassuring
As the station greets me
There's the warmth of the locals
As I head out of the station
With the feeling of friendliness
Here and all around me
It's that fuzzy feeling inside
Knowing I'm back home
Back where I belong
With the woman I love so much
There's a sense of being
A sense of belonging
I walk around the city centre
With a smile on my face.

(I must admit heading back up North feels like coming home, every time I do. That's probably for a very good reason actually.)

Jumper Clowns

It's Christmas Jumper Day
We can all look a bit thick
But with a serious bit of fundraising
Which is quite a nice mix
Everyone seems to be stocking a jumper
The more silly the better it seems
There's the fair isle knits
And the ones with musical themes
It's donning something different
As you go to work that day
Knowing that you're doing some good
For children near or far away
So it may be that you look daft
But there's always a nice cause
Maybe you need to sing Christmas songs
To be all par for the course?

(As it's Christmas Jumper Day on the 16th, and more likely than not I'll be wearing one this year (be difficult not to, to be honest)

Walking Haiku

Taking a long walk
Circling the capital now
Five more legs to go.

(And hopefully early next year, they'll all be complete too..)