Poetry - December 2015

Moving On

My career and life has changed
As I am now moving on
Hopefully to much more success
And a new place in Croydon
It's been a real upheval for me
Leaving the old city behind
Instead going to a big new place
And a job that was destined to be mine
It's going to be a new challenge
And one I need to relish if I can
I will be rabbit in the headlights
Whilst I try and settle down
I do know it's for the right reasons
And I've got a place to stay
So I do feel at least a bit settled
And the fear of loneliness goes away
As I know my love is on the end
Of a phone call to me every night
And knowing her lovely voice is there
I know she and the cats are all right
I am still getting used to the idea
Of being so far away
But the more I get used to it
The more I am settled each day.

(So the big move has happened, and gradually settling in to my new home and surroundings as much as I can.)


I love my hugs so much
When someone close to me is there
And puts their arms around me
It feels so special right there
I had so many when I left
Of genuine warmth and affection
I was shocked by it all
And their so kind reaction
I know I love holding someone close
And feeling their heart beat with mine
It's a special place I have
When my love tells me she's mine.

(Everyone should have hugs - it should be the law..)


I find it hard to say goodbye
When I've known so many people
Those who respect what I do
And those that have seen me grow
To be the person that I am
And the person I am going to be
It hit me hard at my leaving do
When there were people there
That felt a tinge of sadness
And yet plenty of pride
That I had developed myself so well
And had become what I am
It really did feel special
For those that came to say goodbye
That I really admired them all so much
And felt so special with them
I had to not cry and be strong
But part of me wanted to really let go
Because they've all been so lovely
And good friends over the years.

(Saying goodbye and farewell is so hard isn't it?)

An Old Friend or Not?

So what
Do you do
When an old friend
Surprises you
With a letter
And a card
And a note
Saying hello
And how
They're getting on
And how
You're managing
Do you think
And think
Why did you bother
Or do you
Think instead
That there's
Something more
To what they
Have to say?
Do you write back
Or leave it be?

(Intriguing stuff...)

Kennedy Haiku

Too much apple pie
So The Wedding Present sang
With their guitar riffs.

(Classic single from them - if you've not heard it, you should!)