Poetry - December 2014

Christmas Number One in the 70s

In the nineteen seventies
Christmas Number one usually meant
A song that was very festive
Either a happy tune or a lament
It was a golden era for those tunes
That still are regulars today
Always end up back in the charts
As a new generation gives them a play
You had Lonely This Christmas from Mud
Which was a number one in '74
To the competition in '73 from Wizzard
And Slade, both songs now folklore
It's not the same without Noddy Holder
Yelling "It's Christmas!" at full pelt
And seeing Roy Wood be Santa in his song
Was really warm and heartfelt
Johnny Mathis sang When A Child Is Born
The sentiments were really spot on
Boney M even had Mary's Boy Child
That unlike Rasputin, really wasn't gone
The decade ended with serious Pink Floyd
And that was a change at Christmas
As the eighties gave way to novelty songs
And then the future - X Factor dross.

(Seeing the list of Christmas number ones in the seventies (and classic songs also released for the festive charts that decade) showed it was the best era for the festive tunes in my view.)

Civilised Cornish Debauchery

I headed out of London
On the second leg of a break
An ambition to be realised
And one I wanted to make
3 Daft Monkeys were the band in town
That I really wanted to see
But in their home county of Cornwall
Was a dream come true for me
The train took me down there
With the scenery so gorgeous to me
I arrived with the rain out of Truro
And headed to Falmouth Uni
Where the band were playing
And the beer was fully Cornish
I wanted to dance like mad
To their songs that are so more-ish
Once we had some civilised debauchery
It was just a great start to a set
Where the songs made you bound around
Without a care or a fret
It was all over far too quickly
With a wonderful time had by all
And I headed back to sleep and thought
That I'd had an absolute ball.

(Ambition well and truly fulfilled, and such a pleasure to see a great band on their home turf. Meant more to me for that reason..)

Going Nowhere

Stuck in the same tasks
With the same sort of days
Just feeling the same
Day in, day out
It's monotony in the extreme
As you enter just more data
In a lifeless office
With no sign of movement
Just the clatter of keys
To keep you company
And the coffee breaks
To drag you from the screen
And all you get
Is the demands of doing more
But you're going nowhere
And for a new job you dream.

(I've seen people have to spend all day inputting data. I guess it can occasionally be good but in the most time it can be pretty dull..)

I Don’t Wish It Could Be Christmas Every Other Day

Well, we’d be off work a lot
And spending quality times with the family
But we’d panic doing shopping
Lots of running around
It’s better to give than receive
But the more you give the more you want back
So maybe not take literally
The words of that Wizzard song.

(Maybe true!)

Festive Haiku

The soft drink van drives
Holidays are coming now
Always the real thing.

(Another year, the same "Holidays are coming" Coca-Cola advert, just rehashed!)