Poetry - December 2013

Oldschool Style

It's back to 1990 it seems
Your favourite bands have reformed
And sounding better than ever
Even having new material too
You can't wait to see them live
Seeing what t-shirts people have on
Kicking it like the old school
Wanting to hear the classics
The ones which made you dance
At your local indie club at the weekend
The ones which you love still
The songs which shaped your teenage years
And what you still bounce around to
As the bands warm up you can tell
They wanna see you pogo and mosh
And bring forth a classic from back then
Everyone is happy and just smiles
As they in unison bounce together
Giving you a feeling of being there
Transported back in time
With every other forty something in the crowd
That realises the same special time as you
You want it to go on all night
As you kick it old school once more.

(Reformations when they work are bloody good. I must admit I wished I'd seen Sleigh The UK last year, so going this year. Mind you, I love Pop Will Eat Itself so will be bouncing around to them regardless, it just has to be done!)


Every town now has one
A Christmas market in the centre
With a slightly German influence
As you locate the large sausage stall
And drink the gluhwein merrily
It just feels much more corporate
And that doesn't make me want to
Shuffle through all the crowds
Less about the independent trader
More about the tourism
Less about the wooden toys
More about the tacky mugs of gluhwein
Less about the unique gifts
More about the pints of beer
Less about the feeling of being special
More about needing to fit in and have one
I just don't feel the same excitement
As I walk around them anymore
A real sense of it all being overdone
And not the same buzz I used to get.

(I'm feeling a slight sense of overkill with all the Christmas Markets in major cities now - I walked through the one in Manchester with a massive sense of disillusionment at the somewhat over-corporate feel of it all and Birmingham was only spared the same sense because of the nice craft market stalls at the far end of New Street / Broad Street.)


For years I felt so lost
I wasn't sure who I was
Nor did I have a sense
Of knowing what I wanted to be
I needed to find myself
And take myself on a journey
To work out the person I am
And the real me inside
It took me lots of time
And plenty of soul searching
And that effort wasn't easy
But yet it was needed
I had to be stronger
I needed to be tougher
But at the same time still
Have the heart I knew I had
I needed to find out
That I wasn't a bad person
And what I actually found
Was something in between
That I needed to be better
In myself as a person
But I needed to know that
I could love myself sometimes
Once I knew that
I had really found myself
And decided that one day
I would end up being happy.

(Twelve months of my life between September 2006 and September 2007 were a very important time for me - and it made me realise lots of things about myself.)


Looking through the window
As I travel on this bus
I see all sorts unfold below
As the journey is without fuss
As I leave Euston station
And head for Oxford Street
I see so many people around
Walking with such tired feet
Aiming for their nearest station
To take the tube home
Whilst I have the freedom
To sit on this bus and just roam
Seeing the capital unfold
As I head towards the shops
And the twinkling lights of night
That seem to be at every stop
People skate, cycle and walk
And all seems all so busy
It just is all what's outside
And yet seems so attractive to me
The city lights are all a glow
With everyone all walking
And yet the city seems so big
With many conversations talking.

(It's just nice sometimes to people watch as you look out from the top deck of a bus in London - and see the real city unfold before your eyes. Much more of a view than any tube ever would give you.)


I want to sleep
But I can't do so
I just want to crash
And lie down
And not have to wake up
But I'm too restless
And I just want to sleep
Nothing seems to work.

(We've all had this moment...)