Poetry - December 2012

Your Smile

I love lots of things about you
The way you dress so wonderfully
The gorgeous eyes that you have
But there's one thing that makes me
Feel so wonderful when I see you
And that's the warmth inside
When you smile and look at me
With those gentle and kind eyes
The smile that says you're happy
And content with being so close
A smile that shows your kindness
And it's also a smile that knows
That your smile makes you so beautiful
And extremely attractive to me
And if you're feeling the same as I do
Then that makes me very happy.

(A smile sometimes says it all - and it does in certain cases.)

Ghost Town

One by one the recession is hitting
And what was once a row of shops
Is closing down one by one
You wonder when it will stop
As you walk down the main street
With for let signs appearing up above
It's not a pleasant sight here
With people not feeling the shopping love
It's a tough world that we live in
As the cuts start to bite everywhere
You've tried to shop local too
Because you like what they have to wear
It's such a worry that the identity is going
And that makes you wear a frown
You just hope that in a few years time
The place won't become a ghost town.

(Walking through a few places recently and seeing quite a few of the local shops closed inspired this one.)

Somewhat Sleepy

My brain is feeling quite tired
And my body is reacting too
I just want to lay down and sleep
But it doesn't feel quite right to
It's only nine o clock at night
And there's still lots I need to do
Get things done around the house
And sleeping right now won't do
I yawn as I walk around
Just wanting to hit that pillow
But there's a programme I want to watch
Maybe I'll record it instead, so
That means I can clamber the stairs
And into my cosy little bed
Where after a hard day's work
I just so want to rest my head.

(I've had occasions recently where I just need to sleep more..)

But I'm Too Excited!

It's Christmas Eve and it's getting a little late
And your Mum wants you to go to bed
But you're so excited before Christmas Day
That you just can't help your giddy head
Running around the house with excitement
Waiting impatiently for tomorrow to come
When hopefully there'll be presents for you
And lots of lovely ones from Dad and Mum
They try and get you to go to sleep
Saying that the day will come much quicker
But you are just too full of energy
Which leaves them to pause and consider
If they're best letting you use all your energy
And then rest as you yawn tonight
So that when Santa arrives with the sleigh
You'll be fast asleep all night.

(I think a fair number of children over the years have had this moment..)

Coffee and Cake Haiku

A nice warm latte
A big slice of carrot cake
That's so relaxing!

(I kind of would like that now, actually.)