Poetry - December 2011

You're All I Want For Christmas

I could wish for many things at Christmas
And many of them would be benefitting myself
But there's one thing that I really want
And I'd forsake everything else
I just want you for Christmas
To hold you close by my side
All snuggled up by the fire nice and warm
Feeling a sense of love and pride
Knowing that you're with me is all I need
To make this festive time so lovely
I just know that being together
Is the most special kind of feeling to me
And if you would look at me
With those wonderfully lovely eyes
And tell me that you love ms so much
That would be the lovelist surprise
Knowing that you're here with me
Feeling your heart beat next to mine
And feeling special on this special day
Would make me feel so divine
You're all I want for Christmas
I don't need anything else
I'd love it so much to share the moment
And be at one with myself.

(I know what I want for the Christmas - the love of The Love In My Heart. And I'm sure anyone else in love would want their loved one to be the only Christmas present they really want.)

Market Madness

What started off as a novelty
Has now become a tradition
As you walk through the city squares
They seem to be a lovely addition
But at night it always seems so busy
With everyone clamouring for the stall
That sells the strawberries in chocolate
And does the best mulled wine of them all
You step back and see how mad it is
As everyone walks around slower pace
It takes the shopping experience down a notch
It's not a mad present buying race
It does get very busy though which means
That everyone just has to go so slow
As another mulled wine tempts you
Before you decide it's time to go.

(As much as I love the Christmas Markets in a lot of the cities here, it does seem to me that it just gets busier and busier each year, even with the lack of money for people at the moment.)

Every Day's A Sale At Debenhams

I check my inbox in the morning
Yet another email from Debenhams
Explaining another day of discounts
And 40% off price reductions
I challenge anyone to pay full price
For anything that they have in store
For next week it'll be down by a third
And that'll mean another bargain galore
It seems that every day's a sale there
And no day do you need to pay full price
You can wait a few days for another email
And there's the item that looks so nice
But for a fraction of what you might have paid
If you were just too impulsive
But every day's a sale at Debenhams
A price obsession that's compulsive.

(I've lost count of the number of emails from Debenhams over the last month with various percentages of price reductions. Quite worrying really.)


There's times you want to take myself away
From the stresses of everyday life
To be completely away from anyone
Disconnecting from the troubles and strife
You'd want to take myself to a remote cottage
Somewhere in the Scottish Highlands
That would be away from everyone and everything
And where the pace of life would be grand
You could disconnect from the world
With no Internet, no phone, no contact
And instead focus on relaxation
Without anyone to possibly interact
The peace and tranquility would cleanse your soul
And be somewhere to escape everyone
You feel disconnected and better for it
And that makes you feel a better one.

(Haven't we all wanted to do this at one point in time? I did it a few years back for a few days - not quite the remote cottage but still enough to disconnect from everything.)

Anticipation Haiku

Waiting for Santa
It's ages for every child
The night goes so slow.

(Didn't it always seem so slow when it was Christmas Eve as a kid?)