Poetry - December 2010

The White Stuff

The snow comes down from the sky
And at first it all looks very pretty
As it's untouched and crunchy underfoot
Which makes you feel all wintry
It's when you try and get to work
And see how icy the roads are out there
Which makes the journey into a long one
That might not be that easy to bear
As the evening draws in later more comes
And you can see the whiteness on the ground
It's a beautiful landscape in the country
But not enough falls in your town
You want to be in the hills with a sledge
Stranded up there so your family can play
And have an entertaining time enjoying the snow
Instead of facing the journey to work for another day.

(Hard to believe how much snow has come down everywhere in the UK over the last few weeks!)

A Man Called Alan

As Manchester City take on Salzburg
Leading easily and with no trouble at all
Along comes one of their substitutes
Now here's a chance for the fans to call
And chant at their new unsung hero
Leading their front line on the right
A cross comes in and he fails to score
Never mind, the fans chant his name alright
Are you Alan in disguise, they sing to him
Leaving a smile on many a fans' face you know
As City win comfortably they sing their songs
Now in favour of Red Bull's cult hero
After all, there's only one Alan
Leading their front line, and the brunt of humour
Alan is Superman, stand up if you love Alan
Now that made the night one to savour!

(It was fully entertaining as City played Salzburg, especially after their number 27 Alan came off the substitutes bench. You had to be there to experience it!)

Going Underground in Manchester

A little door in the Great Northern
Is a gateway to the hidden underground
And it certainly seems all dark and dank
But warmer than upstairs, quite profound
As I shine my torch to see the way ahead
Through the mud and the steps to caverns inside
Seeing how you would survive in the war
Knowing it was one safe place to hide
You could see just why it was an underground canal
To ship goods across the city easily
And how Eddie Storm would live in the 1980s
With all his red written graffiti
It was certainly an interesting place to be
And I'd love to explore down there again
To see more of the city I've never seen
And have more of the history despite the rain.

(Certainly well worth doing if you're in Manchester - try the Underground Tunnels tour - I had the camera with me if you want to see what you'll get!)

Singing For Glory

I don't need no X Factor audience
And Simon Cowell's pointless critique
If I want to grab the microphone I will
And learn the Guitar Hero technique
Not just about singing well but in tune
Nailing the phrases that earn mes a score
And singing better earns their rewards
As I try to do even better more and more
One day I'll be number one on the Wii
As I really try to nail the singing part
Taking inspiration from those who do well
Whilst making sure my singing is an art
I have fun whilst doing the singing
Because there's no pressure or hassle from the media
And no critical mud slinging
I just want to get the mic and get 100%
And one day I might do that on Bohemian Rhapsody
It's pretty tricky to do but it's worth doing
If I really want to sing for some glory.

(I have to say, singing on Guitar Hero Warriors of Rock is spot on, and one day I will do really well but for now I'm getting there with a few top 10 scores on the Wii, yaay and all that.)

Loved Up Haiku

Snuggle by my side
And tell me that you love me
Just like I love you.

(I know, I know. Awwwwwww..)