Poetry - December 2009

Everything's Gone Orange

I succumbed to temptation to get a cheap hotel
And decided that Stelios' chain couldn't be hell
And when I got there it was all tidy and clean
The price I paid was nowhere near obscene
But what you notice when entering the room
Is the clear sign of orange, not a colour of gloom
But so bright and in your face as it's everywhere
That you wonder if the staff are used to it without a care
It's in the floor of the bathroom and indeed of the sink
The walls by the bed are the same to make you think
That buying the remote control for the television
Might be a good idea to stop you from orange derision
However I can't grumble as it was a comfortable stay
And indeed if it's just overnight, I'll leave the next day
With the thought of all that orange running through my brain
Until the next time Stelios' cash and I meet again.

(As much as I don't mind the EasyHotel chain, I just wish Stelios would cut down on all that orange - it makes your head spin when you stay in the room for too long.)

Make Everything Count

There's too many times when people just think
That everything in life is just without a care
But in fact every moment that you have is precious
And one day you'll realise, when you're not there
Life is for living, and please do live it well
Because you don't know what could happen to you
One minute you're all well, the next a heart attack
Or having to face the fact that you feel so upset and blue
Because someone you know has been taken away
By the cruel and twisted hand of fate
Where nothing is taken for granted anymore
And life can't be waited on till it's all too late
Make everything count in your life and treasure
All those lovely moments you'll have to spend
Because what's round the corner no one knows
And you don't want those moments to end.

(Death is horrible. Death near Christmas is even more horrible. Kind of puts things into perspective..)

My Days Of Christmas

Christmas Day is the best day
Simply because I get fed a lovely lunch
And also because I love to give out presents
And hope that I've managed to follow a hunch
Boxing Day means seeing City at home
And that's always a good thing to see
Especially if they managed to do what they did last year
And put five past the opposition like we did to Hull City
Then there's the sales on the 27th
As people go completely wild in the aisles
So I like to rest then on the 28th
As I feel all relaxed and all smiles
The 29th is then the same as the 30th
As it's the calm before the storm of New Year
Where the 31st ends and the 1st begins
It's full of people offering lots of cheer
When I think about the year just gone
It's always poignant to remember how it was for me
So I feel introspective going into the next year
And thinking how much things have progressed nicely
Then all is quiet on New Year's Day
As everyone rests from all the partying
And back for some on the 2nd of January
As the post-Christmas is in full swing.

(Isn't that how it is for most of us these days?)

I Wanna Rock

I don't care for someone miming to a song
Because it doesn't sound real and raw and electric
If you're in a band, then I want to hear you rock
And not play some tat that knocks me sick
I can't stand the X Factor whatsoever
And let's be honest, Simon Cowell is a total cock
You don't see him championing a traditional four piece
That learned its lessons in the school of rock
Everywhere I go, sang Bryan Adams,
The kids wanna rock, and I just hope it's true
As reality TV hits saturation point it's too much
And there's no more heavy amplified guitar for you
Wouldn't it be a change if such shows found real talent
Who wanted to show you what live music felt like
Where you could rock out and play instruments properly
And so you'd feel an affinity to any band you might like
For all the right reasons, I don't care about pop
And I certainly don't want to sound like an old crock
But I'd rather hear someone crank up the amps
And pay homage to that staple of music that is rock.

(If only real bands could get past the media-obsessed reality shows, the world would be a better place. Shame on Queen for selling their soul to X Factor, what would Freddie say?)

Christmas Love Haiku

All I want is you
Underneath the Christmas tree
All wrapped up for me.

(I know, I know, well, I hope my wish comes true, dearest The Sun In My Sky.)