Poetry - December 2008

Steak And Ale Pie Perfection

For years I have been trying
The humble steak and ale pie
Sometimes they're rather nice
Sometimes they make me cry
Like the ones with the pastry case
That's been hurriedly put on top
Just seems not right to me somehow
And what's underneath is usually a flop
What I want is wholesome chunks of steak
And a gravy that oozes thick goodness
Add to that a pastry that seems homemade
And doesn't cause a plateful of mess
I'd been searching everywhere
For what I deemed to be perfection
And I finally came across one
That suited my humble description
So if you want to taste what I had
Then get yourselves down to St Austell
Where the lovely staff in the White Hart
Will serve you the best steak and ale pie well.

(Honestly folks, I kid you not. I had the best steak and ale pie ever recently - it had big chunks of steak, nice gravy, thick pastry and best of all the gravy had Tribute ale in it. Absolute result and delicious! Get yourselves down to The White Hart in St Austell and taste it for yourselves, I urge you.)

Friday Afternoon Rush

Everyone's going home
On the Friday afternoon
They wait at the station
Hoping the train comes soon
The train is delayed
But then another one comes along
And it's pretty full to the brim
But you try to prove the timetable wrong
Having to stand between Bristol and Exeter
As you longingly look to the far end
Where all those with reserved seats
Are sat comfortably with their friend
You wish you'd booked your train
And you wish you'd done way before
But you have no option as it's rather busy
As the rush back homewards hits four.

(Seeing how busy my train down to Cornwall was on Friday made me realise that booking the trains in advance is more than ever an important thing to do.)

I Capture The Castle

You can walk along the coast
And never quite know it's there to see
As the South West Coast Path
Bypasses the run through the forestry
But if you know where to go
And which path to follow down
You'll see an ancient ruin well worth a visit
And a view that won't make you frown
You'll overlook the Fowey estuary
And Polruan on the over side
Whilst seeing the sun set down over here
Just makes you completely full of pride
That this England has such beautiful places
That not everyone knows about
So do find the historic St Catherine's Castle
And so you too can loudly shout
That you have captured the castle
And those that don't visit
Miss out on a special sight and view
That words alone just cannot fit.

(Well worth the walk along the far end of Fowey to St Catherine's Castle if you get time, especially if you catch the sunset.)

All I Want For Christmas

There's not much I want for Christmas
But I know that if there's one thing
I'd want above most of all this year
It would be to be able to bring
Peace and happiness to all the world
And arguments that seem pointless to be so
Because there's so much in the world now
That just shows that we all don't know
Just how lucky we are to be where we are now
Where acceptance is a given not a right
And in other less lucky places there are
Such people who want to kill in the night
Leaving a trail of carnage around
That causes so much misery and anger
That it makes me feel inside that pain
And it very well makes me wonder
Just why everyone can't just get along
And be friends with one another
Instead of finding time to hate other people
And kill someone's sister or brother.

(I just feel so lost and helpless with the events of what's gone on in Mumbai recently. It really makes me wonder just why people want to kill others and not just want to get on with one another - so my Christmas wish is peace and love for everyone, simple really.)

Christmas Haiku

I only want you
The best present I will have
Is you to myself.