Poetry - December 2006

In Search Of The Impossible

He drives around and around
The town centre suddenly feels a lot smaller
He's seen that gravelly bit of road before
There's more chaos ensuing now
Everyone bibs their horn but it's no use
It's gridlock downtown as panic sets in
The long hard queue to the large car park
In the large shopping centre of thistown
As everyone leaves everything till last minute
Trying to hard to find out what they can get
And still he can look hopelessly at the signs
That all say "car park full"
He knows that present he wishes to get
Is getting further away by the second
It's the search for the impossible
The lack of parking spaces
The lack of queues in the shops
The distinct lack of gifts that hewould like to buy
And all because he left it too late
As he sits there completely helpless.

(Leaving your Christmas shopping till last minute. Don't do it!)

Third Round Draw

It's that first Sunday in December
You've just watched the FA Cup game live on TV
And over go the cameras to Soho Square
Knowing your team's ball is twenty three
It's the one moment of the year you dread
Because it's the draw for the third round
You hope to get a home fixture if you can
So that you don't have to be away all day duty bound
As the balls are emptied from the bag
You just hope that you're going to be fine
And that you don't end up getting Chelsea away
Which means that European chances are in decline
As the balls are drawn from the bag
There's a few tasty fixtures that loom
Knowing what teams are left in there to be drawn
Just has you thinking of the worst possible doom
In the end you get a home fixture
Against a team you beat quite regularly
And then you smile as the last two balls are drawn
Man United are away - and at Chelsea!

(So many of us will be watching the FA Cup third round draw and getting nervous about who they'll get. It truly is one of the occasions of the football season.)

Skate Or Die (Or Simply Fall)

I can always remember as a young child
Wanting to be able to skate
And I don't mean with a board with wheels
Although if I could do that, that'd be great
Instead I wanted to float around on ice
And speed around the ice rink
But all I'd end up doing was landing on my bottom
And getting home and having a hot drink
Whilst recovering from the bruises I'd got
From another fall that I'd managed to make
I was okay once I'd got going forward
But I simply couldn't manage a turn or to brake
So when I see so many people in Piccadilly
Get on the temporary rink and skate round it all
I just know that I would be so utterly embarrassing
A few steps, my balance would go, and I'd fall.

(That ice rink in Piccadilly Gardens in Manchester is very popular - in fact almost too popular. Only problem now is that everyone's dead good, so I'll spare myself the embarrassment of falling every so often methinks!)

It's The Small Things That Matter

Sometimes if you love someone
It's not the massive grandiose gestures
That are the ones that everyone remembers
And no one likes being embarrased in public
As you present the biggest bouquet possible
But the small things are the ones that stick
The thoughtfulness and consideration
To get you a bar of chocolate if you've had a bad day
The kindess and the empathy that is shown
When something just hasn't gone the other person's way
Or if they're feeling low and need someone to talk
And you've been there and supportive for them
The gentle holding of hands as you walk down the beach
Just being together and out of everyone's reach
The soft tender kiss as you say goodbye to each other
That lingers long in your mind till you're next together
So when you're wanting to show someone some love
Don't feel afraid to show that you care in so many ways
It's the small things that matter and that people remember
And it's those that all add up to the one thing you have.

(Sometimes we all forget in life that it's all those little things you do that make things lovely. I'm a firm believer of that to be honest.)

What I'd Love For Christmas

There's so much I'd love for Christmas
But none of it would be for me
If I could grant myself just one wish
It'd be for love peace and harmony
But it wouldn't even be for me
It'd be for the whole world as one
So that there'd be no divisions and no war
And so that everyone could be having fun.

(If only, huh?...)