Poetry - December 2004

Another Manic Saturday

Walking down the main high street
Trying to avoid the many people going the other way
As you see them with their ten bags
Full of shopping that they've spent their money on
Presents for all the children and the family
One massive effort to get everything done
And as you walk past them calmly
Seeing how much stress they're under
And seeing how everyone else feels the same
You know it's just another manic Saturday
In the December madness run up to one day
Where everyone's wishes don't always come true.

(You know how it is when you're doing the Christmas shopping.)

Winter's Day

White flakes drop from the sky
As you look from your bedroom window
In some happiness and joy at what's happening
You see the first little flakes fall down
And gradually they become larger as they fall
Sticking to the ground in a reassuring way
The fire's on downstairs to keep you warm
As you look out of the window to see
The pure delight on your face as you look
Six inches of beatiful whiteness everywhere
The crunch under your feet as you walk outside
To build a snowman and make him big and proud
You dash back in for the carrot for the nose
And the scarf to keep you warm and snuggly
It's a lovely crisp winter's day
That you're going to make the most of.

(To quote Frank Sidebottom: "I like building snowmen, except when there isn't any snow!")

31 December's Rip Off

New Year is here, let's charge fourty quid
In our restaurant where the starter is squid
We can charge what we like says the posey club
People come in knowing we're experts in dub
And are prepared to dig into their wallets for us
So we can all spend the ticket sales at Christmas!

(New Year's Eve? Bah. All a rip off unless you happen to know where to go - and even then the city centre is just so full of slappers...)

Not Another Cliff Christmas Song

Christmas time
Cliff Richard song time
Here he goes
With another ruined rhyme
He covered Auld Lang Syne
And ruined that song
And Over The Rainbow
Is a cover that's wrong
Christmas time
Back he comes again
All his fans
Buy the song so that when
At the Christmas countdown
He is number one
Making life misery
For the ones that want fun.

(Thank heavens Cliff isn't releasing a Christmas song this year!!!)


If we all received what we wanted to have
If we all knew what the future would hold
If we could see how much our lives would change
If we thought about the others in the world
If we took a look outside at those less fortunate
If we gave to charities and meant it honestly
If we ate our food healthily instead if binging
If we tried to just be ourselves all the time
If there is such a thing as the tooth fairy
If the people supposedly "out there" really do exist
If we could all be tolerant people in the world
If we knew how to deal with those would be racist
If everyone took a hand in saving the planet
If everyone attempted to stop relying on the car
If we all thought about someone they loved
What would happen?

(Rhetorically, something to think about.)