Poetry - August 2018

Red Sky At Sunset

As I look out of the window
On a balmy Summer's evening
I see the sky slowly set to the West
And with it the red sky it brings
The shade in the clouds
And the distant horizon beyond
Shows the sky darkening slowly
And a redness that makes me fond
The slow setting of the sun
Falling over the Croydon sky
Just makes the weather a bit less humid
And is very beautiful to the eye
It's certainly a sign of how
The warming weather is still here
And thankfully not as hot as Spain
Where forty degrees is weather I fear
The red sky at night I see
Is normally the shepherds' delight
But it also is a sign of the Summer
Lasting well long into the night.

(Even though the temperature has gone back up a lot, the red sky and sunsets near me have been rather beautiful it has to be said.)

Sleepless Nights

I am heading off to bed
As the evening draws to a close
But I know it'll be hard to sleep
As the air is just so close
I just feel the humidity in the flat
And the circulation of the air
Just doesn't flow as well at night
It's just so sticky out there
I try what I can to sleep
And make efforts to tire myself out
But no matter what I try
I just can't seem to sleep, no doubt
I'll be glad when the nights are cooler
So I can feel the coolness on my body
With a good night's sleep all round
Making me feel less shoddy.

(The last few weeks have just been so hard to sleep in, I really don't know how I've managed it sometimes to be honest..)

The Season Is Upon Us

The World Cup has all finished
Football definitely isn't coming home
Despite the best efforts of England
It's another four years of waiting alone
But as one chapter ends another begins
It'll soon be the start of the season
The Community Shield is the curtain raiser
And a glorified friendly for a reason
But it'll give me a chance to see
My heroes that are in sky blue
Working out how ready the team are
For the season to come to
Plenty of questions to be asked all round
Can we defend our title this time?
Who will stay up and who will go down
And who moves before the transfer deadline
There's so many questions to be asked
As the kick off draws ever near
I know one thing that is for sure
The tickets continue to get more dear
More games on telly and less on a Saturday
They should all be at 3 in the afternoon
I just don't like all the faffing around
Which means I can't plan trains so soon
It'll be a festival of all things football
As the Autumn and Winter will come
And no doubt I'll be chanting from the stands
With a massive cheer from everyone.

(Doesn't feel it's like yesterday since the World Cup finished, but the season is back underway shortly..)

The Twelve Inch Mix As It Was

Back in the days of the eighties
The twelve inch mix was what it was
Often a longer extended version
Of the single with a longer bonus
Maybe a longer introduction
Or even some additional verses
But it usually made a lot of sense
So you didn't buy it and think "curses!"
Some bands even went the full hog
And usually went twelve inch only
Such as a lot of the New Order singles
Where the version in all its glory
But the extended version was often
A way of showing what could be done
Without the restrictions of seven inches
And usually a good deal more fun
Nowadays so many different mixes
But not really an extension as such
And they just don't feel so right
And don't give to me as much.

(When twelve inch mixes were just that...)

Commuter Haiku

The train is coming
And it is very busy
Typical Monday!

(That's always the case at the moment, especially with these new not so good timetables and all...)