Poetry - August 2016

Humid Nights

The nights seem so long
The stickiness is so wrong
I just can't seem to settle down
And end up wearing a frown
It feels so close tonight
This and every other night
As the humidity doesn't go away
And I'm just wanting to say
That the lack of sleep
Is just making me weep
The feeling of being so close
Isn't so romantic, it's morose
The air hangs so still
I just wish that it would chill
So I could finally get to bed
And rest my rather warm head.

(Long sticky humid nights do no one any good.. just horrid)

The Long Way Home

The trains are all cancelled
Due to signal failure on the tracks
The tube going one way appears the same
It's like I'll never make it back
I have an alternative route planned
So I go West to Edgware Road
Then the District line to Wimbledon
So I can then get the tram to home
It seems a longer way around
But at least I'm moving on
And not stuck waiting with millions of others
For a packed train with no aircon
I feel the need to at least keep moving
And eventually get home to rest
But if there's one thing I loathe about work
It's the commuting that I just detest.

(When travel to and from work goes well, it's good. But a lot of the time it doesn't. Makes me realise why so many people turn their backs on a career in the capital to work nearer to home eventually..)

Olympic Gold

Another day goes by
And overnight yet more medals
As the British team excel themselves
And show potential to the full
Another gold medal we get
Inching towards our gold total
From just four years ago
When we were at home
And yet we seem to do better
With the passing of each cycle
On the track, in the water
And especially breaking new ground
We got gold in gymnastics
The women were awesome in the hockey
We had a showjumping legend win too
And it all seemed to go so well
I only hope now that soon
The Paralympians do just as well
Because I know their efforts
Are as equally as awesome
And more gold will come our way
In a year when it's not been so good
The sport really has delivered
And been a golden year.

(It was almost every day, another gold medal, and a great performance by the Team GB athletes. Now for the Paralympics and more of the same I hope.)

Journeying Home

Two hours and seven minutes
As I leave London Euston behind
Making my way back up North
To my love, who's so gentle and kind
The countryside breezes past
As the coffee is drunk on the way
I feel the fields flying by me
And conversation between friends holds sway
I have my tunes on in the background
So I can whisk myself towards home
And a freedom to put my feet up
And go wherever I may roam
It's a breeze of a journey really
And one I've got so used to now
That it makes me feel even more wishing
That the distance felt closer, and how
It's a feeling of knowing where I am
When I arrive safe at Piccadilly
Knowing that the woman I love
So much is there waiting for me
It's the little things that mean a lot
And being together is so precious to me
That when I'm heading back down to Euston
It feels like I'm just heading away from me.

(It's hard to explain, but even though I live in Croydon and work in London, my heart will always be in Manchester. Heading up on the train does make me feel like that - a lot.)

Test Match Haiku

Morning everyone
Said the great Richie Benaud
Could we bat all day?

(Evocative times when it was the cricket test matches in England with the legenday Richie Benaud hosting and commentating..)