Poetry - August 2015

Eléctrico 28

With its yellow exterior in the sunshine
It's the tram of choice for you to take
Taking you around the tourist hotspots
And up the hills, the climbs it makes
Passing the cathedral at Sé
Down through towards Rua Augusta
Heading up and round to Chiado
Then along to the basilica at Estrela
The single carriage heads along
With no need to worry about the hills
As it climbs effortlessly up and down all day
Giving everyone a sense of transport thrills
It climbs back up towards the castle
The view at Graça is one to behold
And although Lisbon is a lovely modern city
I'm glad that some things just stay old.

(Obviously I had to have a ride on the historic number 28 tram in Lisbon, and it certainly was a real experience - and one that I'm sure will live with me.)

Pasteis de Belém

In a bakery that's west of Lisbon
They have a secret recipe, a fine art
That means that only they can name
The pasteis de Belém, the best custard tart
With its sweetness and flaky pastry
That's renowned for its taste and flavour
Sprinkling some cinnamon on the top
Is just a wonderful taste to savour
No wonder there's queues outside for takeaway
As everyone wants to sample one
We got a lovely table inside and sat down
And I wish I'd had more than the one
It's clear it's a delicacy like no other
That really is for your sweet tooth
The trip on the number 15 tram was so worth it
And eating just one was the proof.

(I will never look at a custard tart again unless it happens to be the pasteis de Belém - honestly, once you have had one, you will not go back to anything from Greggs let me tell you.)

Crewe: Trainspotter's Paradise

The station that is trainspotter's paradise
A lot of people will pass through Crewe
On their way to their own destination
And yet there is the person there
Who braves all sorts of weather
To find that elusive class 47
That will arrive at platform six
And have the spotters running around
Trying to get a good look at it
On my many journeys down south
Passing through this Cheshire town
On the platforms I notice them
Trainspotters of all ages
There's the real beginner
With the pad and his log book
Writing down every number he sees
Not knowing what many of them mean
Then further on you see someone
Looking even more studious than last
As they carefully plan their shots
With their camera, ensuring they get
That all important classification
And then you have the real diehard
Here with camcorder in hand
Filming everything that walks past
I bet if you travel on a train
And you've passed through here
You'll unwittingly be on video
The video of the trainspotter
Can these people be married?
Can they possibly lead a life?
If you want to really know
Then you know where to find them
At Crewe: Trainspotter's Paradise.

(Every time I head somewhere that passes through Crewe, it always amazes me just how many trainspotters there are there.. and still are.)


There were a lorra lorra laughs
When she was presenting on TV
Her musical career had number ones
With songs sung with real authority
She hosted Blind Date
With the voice of "Our Graham" in tow
And when a couple married
Because of meeting on that show
They invited her as a guest
As their way of saying thank you
Surprise Surprise reunited people
And gave the public a wish come true
She stepped inside love
Her marriage to Bobby was special
The vow till death us do part was obeyed
And his death for her was emotional
Anyone who had a heart knew her voice
A distinct tone and a sound of the sixties
She asked Alfie what it as all about
She was the love of the loved, you see
Her passing was one of sorrow
A real sense of television loss
But we'll always remember her lorra lorra laughs
On Saturday nights, she was boss.

(Quite sad news about Cilla Black passing away on 2nd August really. Not everyone's cup of tea, but Blind Date and Surprise Surprise were staples of telly at my Mum's house growing up. Her musical career before that shouldn't be underestimated either.)

Infrequent Flyers

Why is it whenever I fly anywhere
It seems to be people with no common sense
That doesn't have a clue what to do
And that isn't just a false pretense
You know you're going to be scanned
With objects that are metal placed into the box
So why leave the keys and coins in the pocket
That's going to set the scanner alarm off?
There's then waiting for the gate
You should keep an eye on the time
But instead you head for a few drinks
And then getting to the gate just in time
On board people should put their belts on
But some just don't take notice of the sign
If they end up shooting forward in their chair
Their sympathy will not be mine.

(Flying should be a simple task really - amazing how for so many people it isn't..)