Poetry - August 2014

Monday by the Mount

As the sun sets down on Marazion
With the woman I love sat beside me
We have a drink at the Godolphin Arms
With a view over the bay and a gentle breeze
The water is calm and so blue
St Michael's Mount is in the distance
Overlooking the bay and surrounding our eyes
With my gaze at it almost in a trance
We're away from the worries of the world
In our own special part of Cornwall
Everything feels so wonderfully good
And I just don't want the week to end at all
Every time I head back there now
I'll think of that moment - ours to share
With a pint of the Betty Stogs ale to enjoy
And the beautiful blue sea just there.

(There are times in your life where you could stop time. One Monday evening by St Michael's Mount was one of them - just so wonderfully happy at that moment!)

Back Here In Porthgwarra Cove

Hidden away from most people's view
In the far South West of the country
There lies a small beach and cove
That's just a really lovely place to be
With its slipway rope hauling boats in
And a tunnel through the rocks to the beach
Its shelter from the wind makes things calm
And that blissful holiday in reach
I can see why 3 Daft Monkeys sang of it
Because it's place to fall in love
And I don't want it to be three long years
Until I get back here in Porthgwarra Cove.

(Just a beautiful place - actually quieter and a different beach instead of Porthcurno - well worth checking out if you're down in Cornwall.)

Delay Repay

I take the train
Usually it's less strain
But if you're delayed
It can be a real pain
But you might not know
That if you have a delay
Then the train company
Will offer to repay
And that's a system
Which is pretty fair
Over thirty minutes late
A part refund of your fare
Over an hour late
It's often that leg paid in full
Which makes things good
And never quite so dull
But not everyone knows
That this scheme exists
So the next time you are late
Don't make it a crisis
Instead when you get back
Make your claim today
Because it works so well
And it's delay repay.

(Worth shouting about is Delay Repay as it's a good and fair scheme operated by most train companies and it does actually work fairly too - I've had some good refunds with this.)


I'm so full of wanderlust
I like to go and explore
See parts of the world
That I've never been before
Embrace the scenery
And enjoy all the view
Thinking of the time so special
And with the sea just so blue
I love exploring small villages
With their history and narrow streets
Where around every corner
There's someone you'd like to meet
Walking the coastal path
Climbing the hills of the cliffs
Descending into small coves
And thinking of all the what ifs
I just want to see more
And that drives me on a lot
Knowing that I can't see everything
But I have to try and see a lot.

(I guess having that freedom to explore really gives me something inside..)

Countdown Haiku

Thirty seconds gone
A nine letter word is mine
So I'll win the game.

(That would impress Susie Dent in Dictionary Corner, I suspect!)