Poetry - August 2013


Every year on a mid-Cheshire farm
Where you can have lovely ice cream
They have a piece of public artwork
That is a hay bale lovers's dream
Towering in the skies above the fields
Made of metal and straw
The Snugbury's straw sculpture looms
And it's a really big public draw
Everyone wants to see it close up
As it looks out down the main A51
Towards Nantwich and beyond
You realise it's so much fun
To make a straw Dalek that yells
And screams exterminate everywhere
It gives families something sci-fi to see
And lots of little ones a big scare
But you can't help appreciate the work
Gone into all those bales of straw
Every year I go and see their new one
Wondering what I'll find when I explore.

(If you get chance to go to Snugbury's, definitely make the effort. The straw sculptures alone make it a rather good visit all round)

Football Is Back

It's been a long Summer
I've even been to Wimbledon
To see Andy Murray
Do the business, job done
I've seen the Tour de France
With another British win
But I can't wait for the day
I can yell out loud "Get in!"
As there's no feeling like it
When your team hits the target
That puts them in front
An opening night not to forget
As four goals are scored well
With the team looking on song
Just hope no flame is extinguished
As nine months is so long
When we get to find out who wins
The coveted title in May
But I'm so glad football is back
And here it is - to stay.

(Withdrawal symptoms? Moi! Absolutely.)

Food For Online Thought

I order all my groceries online
Because it saves me such a hassle
Of traipsing to the supermarket
Being tempted by what's in each aisle
Offers all around me I see
Encouraging me to spend more
But what I want is not to have to
Carry everything so heavy anymore
I can plan my time more efficiently
Knowing when my delivery will be here
And work out a suitable time
So that I can spend money on less dear
Items which mean I live well
But don't have to pay full price
So it's useful when you order the food
Knowing it's cheaper, and nice.

(Online grocery shopping - why didn't I do it earlier I wonder?)

We Want The Proper Themes

When I was younger I'd watch sport
On television with my dad
And when you heard the distinctive themes
I know exactly what sport was to be had
The guitar riffs for the snooker
The pounding bass line for the F1
The classical drama for Ski Sunday
And as theme Superstars was the one
With its dramatic intro and classic theme
That made you want to watch some more
But these days a lot have been remixed
And to be honest, they're now a bore
The snooker theme's gone all techno
All the guitar riffs have all gone
They tried different themes on ITV
But when BBC regained the F1
They knew that The Chain was the theme
We all wanted to listen to a lot
Shame then they've canned the athletics theme
Which I listened to in childhood a lot
And still reminds me of Steve Cram
Breaking world records in Europe
And David Coleman's commentary
Accompanying those moments of triumph
The theme worked well as it was
So why change it to something rubbish
That doesn't offer the same level of passion
That World Series did with a flourish?

(Kind of wish that BBC and ITV didn't faff around with their sports themes and stick to the classics which makes you think "yes, that sport's on". Having the proper athletics and snooker themes back would be a good start I reckon.)

Gromit Haiku

He says not a word
Yet has all the expressions
With no need to speak.

(Who doesn't love Gromit and the look on his face that says "oh no, not again!")