Poetry - August 2012

The Golden Hour

One magic Saturday evening
A truly golden athletics moment
As Jessica Ennis gets heptathlon gold
All the country applauds with joy
But that's only the start of it all
As out on the long jump there's action
As Greg Rutherford jumps into the lead
He keeps it there till the end
And the crowd rises to another champion
As Mo Farah starts his 10K run
With Ethiopians and Kenyans around him
It's going to be a tough old race
But he gets himself into the right position
As the last lap starts to wind its way up
And coming off the bend he's willed home
By a crowd who want to see the success
And there it was, three golds under an hour
A moment that those who were there will savour
The rest of the country could see the pride
And the joy of those who won with tears
Seeing Jessica well up so much showed me
How much it meant for her to win it for us all
And that really did make me feel like part of it
So thank you for that golden hour.

(Just a wonderful wonderful moment in British athletics as we get those gold medals - truly a "I wish I was there in the stadium" moment for those who only saw it on telly, and an "I was there" moment for those that were there.)

Never Give Up The Fight

Gemma steps into the judo ring
One bout away from a guaranteed medal
Her progress through the tournament
Has had wasaris, nippons and not at all dull
So facing the French lady in the semi final
A world number one no less, was tough
But with true grit and determination
The fight was carried - but never got rough
It went into overtime for the golden score
And that was pure tension in Excel
As one wrong move or mistake
Would be missing out a medal hell
But Gemma got the nippon she so deserved
And out came the floods of tears
As she mouthed up to heaven "I love you Mum"
Remembering her, gone for so many years
It showed us all that you never give up
And carry on the fight to be who you are
And in Gemma Gibbons, it was poetry
That if you work hard, you will be a star.

(I well up seeing the semi final win even now and her loving tribute when she won - just shows how much it means to be there winning an Olympic medal. Go Gemma!)

I Was There

I can proudly say that I was there
At many Olympic events during the festival
I'd had the football ones for a while now
And my friend and I enjoyed the men's football
I went to see the women play too
And that really showed new found respect
I managed to get to the beach volleyball
With its loud music and location - perfect
I'd got to Centre Court at Wimbledon
Seeing the likes of Roger Federer play
Even the volleyball inside Earls Court
Where victory in the semi final was for the USA
But most of all I wanted to go the stadium
To see some top class athletics action
So when I got a ticket at the last minute
I just couldn't wait for the morning to come
To step inside that arena and see Mo Farah
On his qualifying way to a double golden glory
And to see the British hammer record broken
In a wonderful little side story
I felt so proud to have been a part of it all
Cheering on athletes with fairness and encouragement
I feel so sorry now it's all over
But "I was there" will be my great moment.

(Actually being at the Olympics was nothing short of brilliant - I am so tempted to save up and fly out to Brazil for 2016!)

Breaking Down The Barriers

You didn't care that she was last
Or that she was miles behind the rest
In the last 800 metre heat of the morning
You saw something, a sign of progress
Sarah Attar was her name
She came from Saudi Arabia
And became the first female track athlete
To compete for her country so far
One barrier was broken as she competed
And it might be only a start
But the crowd knew the significance of her run
And all as one took her to their heart.

(I was proud to see that moment - and I just hope that it's a genuine start for women in Saudi Arabia.)

Community Shield Haiku

City win three-two
And some well taken goals too
So good to be back!

(Great win for Manchester City, and can't wait for the season proper to start.)