Poetry - August 2010

The Monster Myth

One small blurred photograph
With what seems like a blob out of the water
Sends everyone into hysteria mode
And a media hype like no other
They belive that there's a monster
Lurking deep in the murky black liquid
If only they could find out the real truth
And it'd make all these people look stupid
To me, there's never been a monster there
Just some hype to try and add a fable tale
In reality the loch has a natural beauty
That the whole hype just sounds so stale.

(One thing I found out about my trip to the Scottish Highlands was that many people just play on the whole myth of the Loch Ness Monster when in fact you speak to the locals, who clearly say there isn't one!)

Trans Pennine Express

From Manchester to Edinburgh
Heading through Cumbria, TPE
Trans Pennine Express
Leaving Liverpool heading East
Towards Scarborough's sea, TPE
Trans Pennine Express
Down through the peaks to Sheffield
To the seaside at Cleethorpes, TPE
Trans Pennine Express
Through York to Newcastle and back
Clocking up the miles, on TPE
Trans Pennine Express

(Some of you might guess the song that inspired me to write this - but also how I've done quite a few journeys on the Trans Pennine Express services, notably Edinburgh, Glasgow, Leeds, Sheffield and York.)

Late Evening Alfresco

I'm looking for a restaurant where I can eat
A lovely evening meal to close my break
I want to have something enjoyable
And not necessarily a large steak
I want to be able to eat outside
With a view of the castle before me
I find a place that ticks all the boxes
And thankfully they have a place free
I can sit alfresco and watch the world go by
And have the carbonara warming me up
It feels special to be able to sit here
And just glance at the castle by looking up
I feel relaxed and here it's so idyllic
That I want the time to stop for now
So I can enjoy the last bit of time I have here
And come back I will, that I will vow.

(It was so nice on the last evening of my break to eat out at a lovely Italian restaurant, eat alfresco and have Inverness Castle in the background. Just seemed romantic!)

What Makes A Grown Man Cry

Most men will tell each other
That they're all big men and they're hard
Crying isn't really for them
Because it might leave them emotionally scarred
But then there's the one that say
Crying makes them more of a man
Because it shows that they have emotions
And it shows their gentle side if they can
But one thing seems to have moved men
More than we'd care to admit, you see
It's the real emotional ending
Of that Pixar movie Toy Story 3
I won't spoil the ending for you
But suffice to say that I did shed a tear
As did many a man in the same cinema
And it felt right to do so right here
I have a heart and I'm not afaid to show
That things do make a grown man cry
I am human and I need to be loved
And if I want to let go, why shouldn't I?

(When you see Toy Story 3, you'll understand what I mean.)

Schumacher Haiku

Charging to the right
Almost taking out Rubens
A very bad move!

(Did you see that stunt Michael Schumacher pulled at the Hungarian Grand Prix? Awful it was.)