Poetry - August 2009

Down At The Watermill Inn

There's a pub just outside Windermere
In the lovely little village of Ings
Where you can always get a quality ale
And none of those press a button things
There's always decent beer on cask for you
And they make their own brews in their brewery
Drinking a pint of their Collie Wobbles
Makes you feel all warm inside and snuggly
Then there's the Dog'th Vader which is so dark
That you'd be tempted to go do that side
Then there's the lovely Ruff Justice
Which is refreshingly fresh and light
But whatever beer you have there
You know it'll be a quality ale to enjoy
If you get chance head to the Watermill Inn
For real ale lovers like me, it's sheer joy.

(I might have to be making a trip up to the Lakes very soon and to this pub - honestly, the sheer number of quality ales and their own excellent brews really do make for a fascinating visit. And yes, I had plenty!)

The Miracle of the Minack

If someone had said to you
That a theatre existed right on the cliffs' edge
People would think that the builder would be daft
And someone without theatre knowledge
But it took someone special, Rowena Cade
To build a natural ampitheatre of beauty
That stages outdoor plays in the Summer months
Whether it be sunny, rainy or windy
When the sun is out and glistens on the sea
And the waves crash so gently ashore ahead
You can't help but marvel at the scenic natural look
Of all the rocks going down towards the sea bed
As you sit and enjoy another excellent production
You can't help but admire and feel so much pleasure
Because the Minack truly is a magnificent place
One which you should go to and treasure
When you see the landscape to the East
Such as Porthcurno with its telegraph wires underneath
And onwards to Logan Rock with its stunning head
You'll find the breathtaking nature hard to believe
That you're not in the Mediterranean at all
But in fact some beautiful little Cornish place
That prides itself on its beauty of the landscape
And where you really do feel like you belong in place
So if you want a different theatre experience
Then head down to the far South West
Where the miracle of the Minack awaits you
And where open air theatre is simply the best.

(I had such a lovely time at the Minack Theatre this year, especially as lots of the productions have been excellent by all accounts - seeing Shakespeare being performed there in a contempoary fashion and setting made it simply stunning all round.)

Bad Taste Burger Van

You sometimes see them at fun fairs
In some mobile small unit that's been put up
Wheels in the middle and cooking utensils on top
And where coffee's served in a paper cup
You know that keeping a burger in water is nasty
And yet that's the perceived cooking style for some
It leaves a nasty taste in the mouth when you eat
And you really do want to throw up, ho hum
Normally they're an exception rather than a rule
But try telling that if you're an away fan
At Morecambe's Christie Park ground you see one
And you know it's just that sort of van
Where the barmcakes have come from a job lot at Asda
And the hot dogs are just full of regurgitated stuff
And as for the burgers well they just don't taste of anything
So it makes you angry and go off in a huff.

(I guess one of the reasons that Morecambe are moving to a new ground is so that the fans get a better experience. Well anything has to be better than the rubbish burger van for the away fans - dear me, it was awful. Simply awful.)

Sir Bobby The Gentleman

The phrase gentleman of football is overused
It's almost a cliche for some people to say
But it was a very sad moment for the world of football
When the gentleman Sir Bobby Robson passed away
He respected the game and understood the passion
Whilst also knowing how to manage a team with pride
You couldn't believe how well he transformed Ipswich
Into a real title contending top of the league side
His efforts there were truly noted by everyone
And soon he was the England manager's hot seat
It all looked to be going wrong in Mexico 86
Especially with the opening game defeat
But Sir Bobby was loyal and stuck to his players he knew
Would perform for him when the going got tough
One Gary Lineker hat trick later and we were on our way
Only eliminated by the Hand of God's stroke of luck
And although two years later at the Euros we failed so badly
He wasn't solely responsible for what made us zeroes
And he knew it would be a case of true grit and determination
Displayed in full in Italia 90 when the team were heroes
A last minute goal against Belgium full of passionate pride
And then coming back to dramatically beat Cameroon
The side had adopted a real never say die attitude
That was Sir Bobby's making in the dressing room
And even if we lost fo Germany on penalties
One memory will always remain clear in my mind
When Lineker scored and showed his joy with Pearce
It showed that Sir Bobby had really managed to bind
And being so gentlemanly in defeat only raised his stock
As an all round good footballing bloke you'd want to know
He went abroad and won trophies with other clubs
But when the Newcastle job came up, he had to go
And try to turn round his home town team if he could
Try as he might, and even got them to third place
But the board had no idea about what to do
And Sir Bobby was a victim of the managerial sack race
To this day the Toon Army never knew why he had to go
Because the fortunes were on the whole turning around
But my memory of Sir Bobby will always be those England years
When I kicked every ball with them into the ground
He made me passionate and full of pride for my national team
Something which only Fabio Capello since seems to understand
And now there's a big void in football that Sir Bobby had left
But I'm thankful that football had the services of a great man.

(We all felt sad this weekend when Sir Bobby Robson passed away. He was a true gentleman at all times and when you hear former players saying just how good he was, it makes you realise that today's managers could do with his sort of humility and yet passion and love for the game. Rest in peace, Sir.)

The Train Ride Home Haiku

Come home on the train
Leaving Cornwall is so sad
Want to go again.

(It felt sad to go home on a long train journey, especially after such a lovely week in Cornwall.)