Poetry - August 2007

Sanctuary in Scilly

I walk around St Mary's with the sun burning the wind onto my face
And yet although picturesque and still all at the same time
I get to see all the beautiful coves and beaches as I walk around
Each one I come to seeming more remote and scenic than the last
Then as I head out of the Old Town and towards the airport
I see my own little piece of perfect idyllic sanctuary
Underneath some rocks that overhang the cliffs a little
With a small cove underneath having the sea crash into it
Yet the shade is welcome from the sun and the peace is lovely
And it makes me just stop and think and listen all at the same time
I know that I needed to be away to have some time to myself
To regroup and think about how much I've changed recently
But at the same time I feel like I've found a very special place
That will be my own sanctuary on the Isles of Scilly
I'll come back here one day and reflect but also to relax
And know that I've never felt happier for such a long time.

(I have to tell you that if you get chance to go to the Isles of Scilly, do - they're absolutely gorgeous. And especially more so if you walk around St Mary's on the coast path - it can be done in a day, I did!)

Too Shy By Half

You see a pretty soul as you head towards work
You can see their long hair flowing in the wind
It just makes them beautiful and mysterious all at the same time
And every time you're itching to ask the person out
But the nerves get the better of you each and every time
You just so want to be able to be pleasant and ask
You've checked to make sure there's no ring on the finger
And that they are not on the phone to the partner as you pass
But you just can't get the words out that you really want to
Just too shy by half to be able to have the confidence
But you never know what might happen as you go to work
And at least you've not embarrassed yourself!

(If you've not had that sort of occurrence, you're lying. I know I have!)

Late Night In Mousehole

As Ieave the Ship Inn after quaffing a pint of Tribute
The harbour lights come on and make everything pretty
The lights reflect on the still waters
With the boats gently floating as the tide has come in
But everything seems so not like a late night
There's not people drunk causing lots of trouble
No one wanting to pick a fight with anyone
A much slower pace of life exists here
And as the night and darkness falls
All I can see are relaxed and happy people
And it makes me realise just how far away I am
Yet somewhere that's close to my heart.

(I don't care what anyone says - just to see the difference in the pace of lifestyle and the more relaxed feel of being in a really nice place shows the difference in how the attitude to drink seems to be as well. I'd live there if I could.)

Why Do I Feel This Way?

If I knew the answer to the question
Of why do I feel this way today
Then I'd know a lot more than just that answer
But my mind is wandering and going astray
The weather outside is nice and warm
And the sun's come out at long last
But I just feel like everything's going to change
And that the rain will be an unwelcome blast
The cricket's on the telly and England are playing
And even if they're losing they're battling on
But I just don't feel like watching it like I would
It's as if all my enthusiasm seems to have gone
There's also plenty of music to be listened to
And plenty I'd normally be playing very loud
But I just can't hold the attention to a song today
And that doesn't make me feel very proud
I just feel as if there's something missing right now
And I can't put my finger on just what that is
But I do know one thing and that's I'm too tired
I need to go to sleep and have peaceful bliss.

(I suppose when it's a long day the mind just plays on you a bit and I guess I've been a little tired lately..)

Here Comes The Summer?

I want to buy plenty of ice cream
As the weather heads into the late twenties
I need the factor fifty rather quickly
Or else I know I'll burn pretty badly
And then when I'm prepared and done
What happens is nothing but rain
But I keep everything I've bought
Just in case the weather changes
And over the last few days
I seem to be seeing the sun again
So who knows I might even yet
Be able to be sat out on the decking
With a late night glass of wine
And with the sun going down..

(So could summer be here? Well, let's see...)