Poetry - August 2005

He's A Potential Linux Geek

He does everything by the command line
He don't need no graphical interface
He just does his su - command
And everything's going to be okay
He can administer a whole server this way
With minimal need for interruptions
With all the services running all the time
And he can stop and start them as he wants
He does everything by the command line
Because that's the way the elite do it
And he knows all the switches for the commands
And he's a potential Linux geek.

(Just having done a Linux course myself, it seems the real diehards still love that command line, so this is dedicated to their hard work in being so dedicated.)

The Last Few Minutes

Only a few minutes to go
You're attempting to be brave
But you know it's coming
The body can't take the pain no longer
And neither can you
You just want to be gone now
And into a more peaceful heaven
You want everyone else to leave
So you can be with the special someone
Those last few moments are so cherished
Even though you'll find it tough
You know that at least you loved
And loved like no other
And when you're gone
You don't want anyone to be sad
But be happy that they've known you
For the wonderful person you are
No tears to be shed anymore
The time has passed away now
And instead of mourning all the time
Remembering the love is what you want.

(For anyone who's loved and lost.)

It's Back

Three months of boredom and withdrawal symptoms
Without any of the national pastime
I really with the summer was over soon
I miss the journeys to away grounds
I miss outsinging the opposition on their ground
I miss the exhileration when my team scores
However it's now the start of the season
The feeling is back here to stay
Nine months of torture for those who hate it
A period of ecstasy for those who love it
We're back and loud and proud
And a three nil win is the perfect start.

(Not long till the footy season starts, thank God!)

Someone's Watching

I saw something written here
It said that everything was wrong
It was scrubbed off quickly
By someone out of touch with reality
Only to be restored soon
By those with a conscience
And those who know are being watched
By those who can't face truth.

(Surreal, reality, isn't it?)

Kill That Frog, Will You?

Someone tell Jamster
To kill that annoying frog
Put our minds at rest
Every TV ad
Has Axel F at full blast
Poisoning our minds
We all remember
Harold Faltermeyer, he
Wrote the original
And what you hear now
Is a pale comparison
To that classic tune
And there's a CD
Of all these annoying tunes
And all sung by that frog
What we want is peace
And quiet from Scamster now
No more adverts, please!

(I think Scamster will soon get the message when the phone regulators hit them with massive fines and licence revoking threats - sooner the better in my view.)