Poetry - April 2018

The Final Judgement Day Countdown

One crucial day in April
Sixteen places up for grabs
As the final qualifying round takes shape
In Sheffield, the home of snooker
It's an epic battle to decide
Who will walk on the Crucible stage
With players young and old giving it a go
Determined to make it once again
Or be the first time they get there
The best of nineteen is a match
Which really sorts you out mentally
Got to be on the best of form
And have that battling quality en masse
It has to be one day of tension
But also one day of excitement
As the players make breaks for wins
One by one they get over the line
With not just the prize money
But the glory of making the Crucible
And being in with a chance of winning
It's one of the best days of the year
If you are a snooker fan
Definitely well worth enjoying it all
Building up the excitement to the big one.

(As ever, the final qualifying round for the World Snooker Championship was one of tension and excitement, and for those that qualified, well done.)

Taking In The View

Walking up the hill from Hampstead Heath station
With all the expensive houses on show
All having wooden shutters behind the windows
Directing us towards the place to go
Reaching the end of this quiet street
Seeing the path taking us further up hill
It's going to be worth the walk when we get there
A place to take in the view, and chill
It's atop Parliament Hill and on a sunny afternoon
All the sights of the centre of London are on show
There's the O2 to the left as I look
Then The Shard, London Eye, BT Tower as we go
Even the television transmitter at Crystal Palace
Far away on the horizon that must be
It's a view that everyone were all taking in
And one which I shared with my love with glee.

(So nice to do something different and admire the views from up on high, certainly well worth exploring for a change that's for sure.)

The Gipsy Hill Cat

I went a different way home one night
Travelling in South London by train
I wanted to see a special little one
That made me feel all right again
I see her sitting on the seats
With the passengers at Platform One
Having a cuddle and feed of Dreamies
Until the train comes and passengers gone
She loves to have her cuddles
And sits guarding the Oyster pads
Welcoming anyone who arrives there
And makes them feel much less sad
Everyone she sees all loves her so
Adoring her black and white fur
Small but perfectly adorable
And having had a cuddle, I concur!

(So nice to see Fanny, the Gipsy Hill cat at the station. Well worth a visit just for her!)


I'm looking back at the last two and a half years
It's been one of constant change
The main constant being my love being my love
Everything else has settled down with age
From moving down to where I live now
And having a flat that I adore to live in
From the commute to work being not so good
And the fact it makes people want to give in
It's a contrast of styles, of pace and of life
And yet it's one that I've taken on
With a sense of developing my life a bit further
Without it, who knows where I'd have gone
It's definitely been reflecting back
On how much I've come on in work and at home
I still know that up North is where I want to be
It'll always be the place that I do call home
But having given things time to develop here
I'm glad on reflection that I did make the move
Managing to develop my professional skills
And being a valued member of staff no one wants to lose.

(Hard to believe it's been close on two and half years now since my move, a lot has happened since then!)

Scorchio Haiku

Everywhere is warm
Scorchio! says the weather
Perfect for April.

(Not too bad at all..)