Poetry - April 2017

Snap Election

Things are going to be mental
For the next month and a half
As a snap election has been called
Definitely someone's having a laugh
The endless coverage on the news
Of the lies that so many will say
Instead of concentrating on the issues
That the people want to hold sway
There's the bias of Laura Kuenssberg
Who bashes Corbyn no matter what
And the commentators who are so Tory
Backed by that scumbag Murdoch
All the media do whatever they can
To influence your voting decision
But that steers away from what matters
Leaving the public feeling disillusion
All we want is clear and concisely
What will matter to those running for power
A clear indication of what will be done
Not some fear factor by the hour
I know what will matter to me at least
Is what my local MP will do for where I live
And if they do what they say they will
Then that's their vote for whom I'll give.

(Oh. Joy. Endless hours of switching off the news for the first fifteen minutes whilst the whole onslaught of coverage is going on. I know who I won't be voting for locally at least...)

The Seventeen Day Marathon

It's that time of year
When I'm glued to BBC2
Not just for any old programme
But something I adore, too
It's off to the Crucible in Sheffield
As the World Championship is on
Seventeen days of drama unfolds
With frames of uninhibted tension
Presented by the brilliant Hazel Irvine
With Steve Davis and John Parrott
The Winter Gardens becomes their home
And the fans who fancy a pot
On the table in the Cue Zone next door
Wanting to get on the box
Whilst the players inside the Crucible
Do their best to sink the long pots
When it goes down to one table
There's no place like it for drama
And that's not even with a play on
But instead, the snooker Nirvana.

(Only two visits to Sheffield for me this year, but might have to do more next time...)

Completing The Ring

I finally managed my goal
Of completing the Capital Ring
All fifteen stages, seventy eight miles
Lots of scenic routes an walking
Around in a loop of the outskirts
Of the capital with many surprises
Including how much green space I'd see
Along with the down hills and up rises
So many highlights I could name
From the deer in Richmond Park
To the posh schools in Harrow on the Hill
And the majestic house by Syon Park
Along with the urban cemetries
The archer statue at East Finchley
The spookiness of Highgate Wood
Along with the parks of Finsbury
I've enjoyed seeing so many sights
That I want to do the walk anticlockwise
Just in case I missed stuff the first time
And be another walking treat for the eyes.

(Glad I managed all of that walk - now on to the next challenge. Well worth doing the Ring yourself if you get time.)

Wembley Woe

All the way to Wembley
But ending up with nothing
I think losing the semi final
Has to be the worst feeling
Especially as we took the lead
And looked like scoring another
But we didn't have the killer touch
And that proved costly, oh bother
As Arsenal came back and scored
And buried another in extra time
All that we could possibly do
Was pass the ball back, what a crime
I just didn't see the urgency
That looked liked we would equalise
Some odd substitutions afoot to
I didn't quite believe my eyes
The season's over for this year
But we have to finish top four
Or else the wolves will be coming
And knocking at the manager's door.

(Frustrating somewhat was the FA Cup Semi final this year...)

Sleep Haiku

Just want to sleep now
Instead of turning over
And getting restless.

(We've all had those moments...)