Poetry - April 2016

A Room With A View

Waking up on the Riviera
And enjoying a Nespresso coffee
Looking out from the balcony
Towards the Mediterranean sea
It's a bright start to the morning
With the palm trees on the promenade
The joggers and cyclists pass us by
With not a care in the world or regard
We're both so happy here
As the sea breeze is so gentle
It makes us want to enjoy the view
And live each day here to the full
It's been such a wonderful time
Staying at this room with a view
That next time we will come back here
And I'm sure you'd love it too.

(So nice having a sea view room at the Mercure Promenade des Anglais in Nice. It just made the holiday The Love In My Heart and I had even nicer to be honest.)

The Crucible Is Calling

Every April I always make
My annual pilgrimage to
The home of snooker in Sheffield
And to see a match on Table Two
As the Crucible is calling
For me to enjoy my frames
As the top players do their best
To win each of their first round games
I see the players walking around
Attempting to relax while they're here
With each practice session they do
Knowing their match is drawing near
The Winter Gardens has the studio
And the wonderful Hazel Irvine
As she chats to Steve and Ken
Whilst dissecting the match in good time
I always seem to enjoy it here
Even with the extra distance
Because the Crucible and snooker
Are the sport's own mecca of romance.

(Even with the move down South, the Crucible Theatre was still calling me to go and watch some top snooker. Oh yes it was.)

Sleepless Nights

I always seem to end up
With a need to try and sleep
But I sometimes get so restless
That I just don't seem to keep
A regular pattern of time
Where I lie down and hit the bed
Too many things I'm thinking
And all those thoughts in my head
So by the time it's weekend
And I see the woman I love
I just end up wanting to sleep early
And the cats snuggle up to me like a glove
I can't explain why I can't sleep
Maybe it's the feeling I have here
Where I know I think too much
And just seem to think not clear.

(I must admit that sometimes I just don't sleep very well during the week, and then at weekend I almost want to make up for it with sleeping earlier. It's not good really.)


I want to rewind some time
So I can be back in the arms
Of the woman I love so dear
And stopping time would be good
So the weekend doesn't go so fast
And I'd still be with her here
Alas the time cannot be rewound
It is on a constant fast forward
As I count down the hours so near
I want to fast forward the train
And then rewind the journey home
So that more time is spent here
Close to the one I love
Without the need to need
A rewind of the time I have
So I can spend it again
And have those moments
To love and to laugh.

(If only...)

Justice for the 96 Haiku

With hope in their hearts
Justice for the ninety six
Finally. The truth.

(Nothing more needs to be said.)