Poetry - April 2015

Never Ending Rain

The North wind doth blow
But it does not bring snow
Instead it brings rain
Over and over again
The gusts get more fierce
The patter turns to hail
And the brollies turned inside out
The bad weather shall prevail
The clocks have gone forward
It's now supposed to be Spring
But all I can see is the drops of rain
Which make wet everything
How I wish it'd go away
So I can take a nice walk outside
But instead I'm curled up with a coffee
Nice and warm inside
Oh please just stop for a little while
So I can avoid getting soaked through
And North wind please go elsewhere
That'd be nice, thank you.

(It's been a rubbish last few days weather wise, that is for sure. Totally unlike what it should be really.)

All Gone, Girl

Watching a film on Blu-ray
Where the woman seems to disappear
And yet it's all a large set up
As the plot slowly becomes clear
With David Fincher at the helm
It's mysterious yet quite dark
And the Trent Reznor soundtrack
With Atticus Ross is very stark
It somehow adds to the feeling
That there's a sense in the air
Once the girl has gone from here
That it won't be the same for the pair
Two and half hours passed me by
And yet it didn't feel like that
A sure sign that it's a good movie
Where you'e not clock watching it.

(Saw Gone Girl on Blu-ray over the weekend and pretty good it was too.)

City Till I Die

I support Manchester City
My local team and part of my persona
There's something not quite right
Several miles away in East Yorkshire
Where the owner of Hull City
Wants to change the club's name
Claiming Hull Tigers is a better brand
And will get them much more fame
But in football there is something
Which the proper fans call tradition
A club based on its history
Its fans, ground and ambition
It means something to the people
Who live in the city to support
And they'll always be there no matter what
It's an unmovable object in sport
If the Hull City owners had taken us over
We'd now be called Manchester Hunter
I and others would have left the club
And watched it suffer and go under
No one likes tradition being changed
Not least when it's part of my life
And so I back the Hull City fans
Who are truly "City Till I Die".

(Says it all really - I am proud to, as a Man City fan, support other fans in their struggles to keep the tradition and ambition of their club alive - and Hull City AFC should proudly remain that. End of.)

Chocolate Free

I gave up many years ago
I was just eating too much chocolate
The one bar became three
And I could see it on my weight
I thought the only way to stop
Is to completely go cold turkey
So after Easter a few years back
It was no more chocolate for me
It was hard at first I can tell you
Temptation stared me in every shop
But the more I didn't eat the less I missed
And soon I came to a complete stop
I can have something sweet another way
That might involve some fresher fruit
Or indeed a cereal bar if I needed a snack
But chocolate now really doesn't suit
Although I'm still watching the weight
I know I don't have the impulse anymore
To eat the chocolate I used to crave
And that without it isn't a chore.

(Strangely one of the things I am most proud of: giving up chocolate a while back)

Eclipse Haiku

The sky went darker
The sun was in a crescent
All over so soon.

(Kind of blink and you'll almost miss it really..)