Poetry - April 2014

Four Figure Fee

Kate Bush is touring
Everyone is surprised
But getting a ticket
That will be prized
Might prove to be difficult
As the websites all crash
On the morning of the on sale
Between the sites you dash
Nothing is forthcoming
All the dates are filling up
You just want one ticket
To see her do her stuff
As the time draws on
Your heart feels ice cold
Knowing that the chance has gone
The tickets are all sold
An hour later you look
A website has them on resale
It makes you angry seeing
The prices that prevail
A four figure fee per ticket
Is not what you want to see
The touts are making a killing
The website is clear to see
It really frustrates you
That these sites are allowed
When you and others want to go
And make Kate Bush proud.

(Seatwave, hang your head in shame, allowing people to openly tout tickets for Kate Bush for upwards of a grand each. I'm sure some of those tickets would be much better in the hands of fans who were attempting desperately to get a ticket on the day of sale.)


My mind wanders
And just thinks too much
As I lie in my bed
I just can't seem to settle
I feel so sleepless
I want to head to bed
But nothing I seem to do
Can make me go to sleep
I think all sorts
I try and rationalise my thoughts
But no matter what I do
I just can't seem to fall
Into the sleep I want to be
Where I'll rest easy at night
Instead I lie awake
And just have the still of night
For company with me
As I can hear an owl outside
The lone voice and sound
In the outer wilderness
In my head I want to sleep
But my body just says no
I feel so sleepless
And why I just don't know.

(I suspect we've all had these moments haven't we?)


The tide comes hurtling in
The defences are trying to hold
But with all the water in the waves
And the bitter wind and cold
It's not before long we see
There's a mass of coastal erosion
The rocks are starting to crack
And anything close is an explosion
Waiting to happen down below
As the rocks soften up more
With the pressure of the water
It's not long before the next roar
Of a tidal wave hitting the cliff
And then there's a loud bang
As the mass of rock face crashes
Down into the soft white sand
The landscape is changing
The homes by the sea are no more
The erosion is leaving things destroyed
And you only know there'll be more.

(Lots of coastal damage and erosion over the last few months, and seeing cliff faces crash into the sea is a somewhat scary and dramatic thing to view.)


I hate the fact people think
They can get away with sexual assault
As if it doesn't mean anything to anyone
To anyone they hurt, it's an insult
I hate the way that some people act
As if they're better than everyone
When in fact all they are, are idiots
That don't know how to be a good one
I hate corporate money grabbing fat cats
Who think they're justified a big salary
When they don't seem to care
About the welafre of their employees
I hate when drivers don't indicate
As they're turning a corner to my left
It's as if they don't see anyone
And their vision is totally bereft
I hate especially reality TV
That is anything but reality to me
All I really want is to have intelligence
That makes my brain think, you see
I can't love everything in the world
But there's some things I hate
I could easily write a longer list
But the time would be way too late.

(I can't love and like everything, sorry folks!)

Birthday Love Haiku

Love is what I have
And she is the one for me
Happy birthday babe.

(The Love In My Heart, happy birthday, you make me feel special!)