Poetry - April 2013

Carvery Carnivore

On a Sunday you will go
To a different pub each weekend
To try their meat and vegetables
And you'll usually take a friend
On a quest to find the food
That gives you the comforts of home
And always is on the pub menu
No matter where you may roam
The carvery is where it's at
With the beef, chicken or lamb
And even if you're very lucky
Sometimes turkey or gammon ham
Either way you're served the meat
And can help yourself to the rest
Lashings of gravy all on the top
And there it is - your Sunday best
A meal fit for the day of relaxing
As you fill your belly with the food
And after all you'll try another next week
To see if that one measures up any good.

(It seems that almost everywhere now has a carvery on a Sunday it seems - I've had some good ones and some not so good ones but Easter Sunday was definitely in the good category)

Queueing Quandry

It seems a national thing to do
Is to turn up and end up in a queue
One that could easily be avoided
But in a lot of cases you just can't do
I was at Castle Howard on Monday
And to get in the house and look around
I had to wait quite a bit of time
Queueing up, and to my horror I found
That only two people were serving tickets
With not a lot of hurry to mind
I had queued up for over half an hour
And I was tempted to change my mind
And head somewhere else for the day instead
Because I felt my time was better spent
Actually making the most of what I have
Instead of having to queue, I lament
But everywhere it seems is the same
You're at position four in the queue on the phone
Traffic jams and queues for the same bit of road
And all this queueing makes you feel less alone
But any box office opening for concert tickets
It's exactly the same as well you see
Which is why everything you seem to do
Just ends up in one queueing quandry.

(Queues, everywhere, and you'd think that some of them could at least be avoided somewhat. But no. What is it with our patient nature to queue everywhere I wonder?)

Save Wembley For The Final

We've got to the FA Cup semi final
And a day of reckoning will be here
As we're going to be heading to London
To visit Wembley for the first time this year
But I'm a bit of a traditionalist
Who thinks it's a little bit wrong
For the semi final to be played there
When the final should be the goal all along
I'd rather save Wembley for the final
Which feels more of a valid reward
For doing so well in the competition
And it'd be more cheaper to afford
Two trips to London in a month
Is not so cheap for people to do
Even with your club laying on coach travel
There's still the ticket cost, that's true
And then of course everything else
Associated with a day out there
And it becomes much more clear
That although I will be there
I'd much rather be at a neutral venue
Battling it out for a place in the final
So that Wembley can be the real goal
For your team to win the semi four nil.

(I will be at Wembley for Manchester City's cup semi final against Chelsea, but part of me thinks that the FA aren't really doing anyone, least of all the fans, any favours by having the semi there - it cheapens the final I think and the final should be the pinnacle of the tournament.)

The Long Walk

I start off at the junction
And walk alongside the towpath
It's a relatively flat path
As I head into the countryside
With the wind whistling
And the sound of ducks quacking
It's a calm and serene scene
That which soothes the mind
And takes me away from all the stress
As I look into the distance
And see the hills before me
The frozen ice on the canal
And the boats moored and stuck
It just seems picture postcard
And yet less than an hour away from me
Which feels such a relase of tension
But also a journey of passion
As I head for four miles and counting
With my walking getting quicker
I can see the destination in the distance
And head to a lovely marina
It's so nice to get the fresh air
I don't do it often enough.

(Long walks are good - particularly if there's countryside involved and close to the doorstep)

Windy Haiku

The wind is coming
Blowing me into the sea
As I walk the wall.

(Been a tad fresh these last few weeks methinks!)