Poetry - April 2011

Sunset In Mevagissey

Arriving in the Cornish fishing village
You just feel the late afternoon drawing to a close
The day is turning slowly to night
The water reflects on the last part of the sun
You walk to the harbour and the lighthouse
And see the fishing boats all stood so still
Sitting by the water you see the waves ripple
And the sun slowly starts to set down
The sky turns red and the sun drops lower
And it feels like a beautiful view from here
The sort of view that makes you feel romantic
You don't want it to leave but be fixed in time.

(Seeing a sunset in Mevagissey recently really made for a lovely view and I really wish you could all have seen it..)

Beer, Beer, We Can't Drink No Beer

Your local pub has all your favourite ale
And you love it being poured from the cask
Unfortunately you're the only punter here
You suspect things aren't going to last
The numbers have dwindled over time
Because the duty has made it so dear
For everyone to pop round to their local
Have a chat and drink a nice pint of beer
You worry that you'd have to go into town
Into a chain pub with no atmosphere or feeling
That seems to get away charging twice as much
And that anger leaves you somewhat reeling
All the beer tax is doing to the independent pubs
Is making them less affordable to even run
You sign resignedly as the for sale sign goes up
As it's the end of another local pub - gone.

(It's a worrying sight to see so many local pubs closing because of the cost of drinking in pubs is way too much now - surely the pub should be a social place to be?)

It's Getting Humid In Here

Heading down to a former china clay mine
You can see the biomes in Eden
Ahead are plant life and immense beauty
That feels warm in the late March sun
The tropical biome keeps all the rainforest alive
With a serene beauty of green so sweet
However it has to be kept rather hot and humid
As soon as you enter you can feel the heat
Water stations around every corner
In an attempt to keep everyone cooled down
Walking up higher towards the waterfall
Feeling the heat around you with sweat pouring down
The humidity really hits you hard
As the moisture pours around your whole body
But then you can walk down to the Mediteranan biome
And there you can feel the coolness to be dry.

(It's lovely in the Eden Project but my, is it warm in the tropical rainforest biome? You bet it is!)

Steak And Ale Pie Heaven

Each time I head to Cornwall
I head to the White Hart in St Austell
It's a place that I really like
And the food that I know so well
They do lovely Tribute ale
That I really love to drink nice and slow
But best of all is the steak and ale pie
Which just has to be devoured you know
It has big chunks of steak in an ale gravy
Which just feels meaty but not heavy
Best of all no pastry case lid but a proper pie
That gives you a feeling of glee
It's the taste that makes it so lovely
And I enjoy every single last mouthful
I wish I could have this every week
Then eating out wouldn't be so dull.

(Ah, if only I could head back to The White Hart now for the best ever steak and ale pie..)

Spring Haiku

The flowers are out
All blooming in the sunshine
Looks like Spring is here!

(And isn't that good news?)