Poetry - April 2010

No Easter Bunny For Me

Around this time last year
I gorged far too much on chocolate eggs
I knew that it wasn't the best thing to do
And certainly that made me feel fat
My stomach felt like it was an egg itself
And that didn't make me feel very happy
So I made a very conscious decision
Not to eat chocolate again
Almost a year on I can proudly say
That nothing from Cadbury's has entered my mouth
I don't feel the craving that I used to have
Most of all I don't even feel the need
Yes I do still have a sweet tooth and all
But I now do desserts in more moderation
And that's allowed me to feel happier inside
Even if on the outside it's not all shown yet.

(It was a tough decision to give up chocolate, but one I feel really vindicated by doing)

Everyone's On Strike

We're all suffering under the recession
It's not making working any easier right now
But some people just seem to be more militant
And a strike is the way they want to resolve it all now
All that will happen is that there'll be a divide
Over time that'll become much harder to cross
Meaning possibly more cuts and shortages than before
Making you even more wary of the executive boss
It's British Airways on strike this week
And it could well be the trains the next
Impacting on the very people who keep them in a job
And that alone makes me feel perplexed
Lots of people have said they won't fly BA again
And have sought alternative options to fly
If more people do that there'll be less jobs
So those striking cabin crew might cry
But not for reasons of a rallying action to strike
Instead those of having no work to go to
It all ends up in a vicious circle for them
So maybe think - is striking the right thing to do?

(It makes me wonder if all striking right now is trying to be a political as well as a business thing, and who really does suffer at the end of the day.)

One Hour Of Questioning

I turn the paper over
And think like I'm having a nightmare
I know the answer to the question
But it doesn't seem quite there
I calm myself down and work through
The paper that has been set
I know what I need to do with it
I know the pass mark I need to get
It's quite tricky to make my mind up
And get the answer just like I should
Time is ticking away all the time
Pausing too long doesn't do me good
I keep an eye on the clock as I go
And thankfully time it to perfection
Reaching the end two minutes early
Just double checking my selection
That's it, says the examiner
It's all out of my hands now
Just hope I've passed what I set to do
Or else it'll be back there, I vow.

(Passing my first exam in absolutely years was a big plus for me - and the PRINCE2 examination for foundation level isn't necessarily that easy. I did it though.)

Gigs and Camera Phones Don't Go

I just wish I could turn off
All the camera phones in the Academy
So that instead of getting lots of images
They'd actually be viewing me
I'm rocking my heart out on stage
People are just flashing with their phone
Wanting to get a little sneaky shot
But I just feel the need to moan
I'm trying my hardest to rock the place
And show everyone what I can do
If people look at their iPhone all the time
Then that rather does give me the blues
It's about the performance for me
Not the amount of people flashing
Their camera phones like a candle
In the hope of an event happening
I just wish they could be banned from a gig
So the focus and attention is on the music
At the moment it's on their penis technology
Which just makes me feel kind of sick.

(I'm getting mightily sick of everyone with camera phones at gigs. Just for once, can they all be turned off and focus their attention on the music instead? That's be nice. I thought writing it from the musician point of view would be good.)

I Wanna Rock Haiku

Give me a guitar
I'll play the song at full blast
And get a high score!

(Ah, good old Guitar Hero, don't you just love it!)