Poetry - April 2009

The Chain Is Back

It's six o'clock on a Sunday morning
And the afternoon in sunny Melbourne
As the Formula 1 season starts in earnest
And the clocks have been forward and gone
One thing has changed from last year
In that the coverage is back on the BBC
And if there's one thing I wanted most of all
It's the lack of commercials and of course Murray
Just as iconic was the theme tune used
It was Fleetwood Mac's "The Chain"
And keeping it all together as part of the deal
The BBC have started to use it again
Hearing those iconic bass notes play
And getting all excited before the race
Goes to prove that the BBC were completely right
And "The Chain" is back in first place.

(It's not F1 on the telly without a blast of the Fleetwood Mac classic. It was so good to hear it back on BBC1 as the coverage of the F1 started, and wow, what a win for Jenson Button too. Result.)

English Seaside Traditions

On a recent visit to Scarborough
And to the North Yorkshire seaside
It was so nice to see things in place
Traditions that fill we with pride
We shouldn't lose those traditions
Such as the amusement arcades
Where you can try your hand at games of skill
And be slightly more lighter in change
There's the beach and front to walk along
Which especially looks nice in sunset
And the traditional dish of fish and chips
Which should taste as good as it gets
There's the donkey rides and the paddling
Into the deep blue clean sea
And of course the bucket, spade and sandcastle
With cafés serving you a cup of tea
All of this sounds so quintessential
Yet it also sounds just like it should
It was therefore so nice to feel all that
And not want to leave if I could.

(Sometimes you forget what makes the seaside holidays so much fun - and on Sunday I felt all of that plus the likes of the lovely castle there and such like.)

Everyone's At A Reunion

People often said the eighties were rubbish
But what do they know? They didn't live it
Yes, there were a lot of wonders
Who really didn't deserve their one hit
But underneath all that was a culture and scene
That identified the era all of its own
And when you look back at what was around then
You saw for example that indie had grown
Pop was the escape from Thatcherism
And bands would get all political too
That only proved that music had something to say
Because it meant something more than "True"
Which became the record of any school disco
And now of course Spandau Ballet are back
But if you think I'm paying sixty quid for a ticket
You must be thinking that common sense I lack
Every band from the eighties is getting together
And everyone's now at some form of reunion
Sometimes it's better to leave the past behind
But at other times it can be harmless fun.

(It must be the year for eighties reunions: Ultravox are touring for the first time in 25 years as the 80s foursome, Spandau Ballet are together again and I've just found out A Flock Of Seagulls are touring. Sheesh!!)

The Funny Face Of Beauty

I love your funny face
Sang Fred Astaire to Audrey Hepburn
And he wasn't wrong either
As her image is iconic
A figure of beauty and glamour
Yet a figure of soft and gentle
All at the same time somehow
Which always made me wonder
Just how did someone dare dub her
During the making of My Fair Lady?
They could have watched Funny Face
To know that she could sing
But it doesn't matter to me
As when I see Breakfast At Tiffany's
I know the funny face is beautiful
And at the same time so precious
Full of wit and charm and hope
That makes me smile and laugh
I make no apologies for what I say
But truly Audrey is the funny face of beauty.

(Watched Funny Face the other night, and forgot how great a film it was and of course how much there's some great Audrey Hepburn lines in there. Plus she looks very cute in all black...)

Smile Haiku

You really give me
A happy smile on my face
I really love you.