Poetry - April 2008

Paradoxically Undressed

I head on down to London
To see a special show
That only one woman could put on
With her past being in full flow
Readng the words she's wrote
And then playing her guitar
You just feel comfortably uncomfortable
Knowing the pain and the scar
But it's fantastically brave to see it all
Unfold before your eyes
And when you know that fans are close to tears
It's true emotion and not lies
Every time she breaks into song
You just feel the emotion more
And knowing the effort that's been put in
You can't help but adore
The show has ended and I feel so numb
In shock at what I've just seen
Kristin's taken us all on a journey
And one that is anything but serene.

(Seeing Kristin Hersh's "Paradoxical Undressing" show last Wednesday really did give me some perspective.)

50th Birthday Present

The crowd chant your name
As if they were watching football
You're touring an old classic album
Which some fans regard best of all
The electronics and lights pulsate
Around the Academy 1
Knowing that it's a special day
And one worthy of its occasion
Everyone's in the right frame of mind
Really wanting to enjoy the music
And certainly you play your hardest
To make sure you don't miss a lyric
The encore comes on and you get a cake
Presented by your wife and biggest fan
Everyone cheers loudly as you play Cars
To all of us, you are the man
It's all over so quickly but yet so fun
And a really good show too
So happy 50th Gary Numan
And long may you continue!

(My friend and I were very very lucky enough to be at Manchester Academy 1 for Gary Numan's gig, which also happened to be his 50th birthday. It was a very special occasion.)

A is for Aber

Heading along the Cambrian Coast line
Train splits at Machynlleth
I'm on the front heading South West
Towards the magic of Aber
I marvel at the castle ruins
Taking in the coastal views
See the waves batter the sea wall
And all the lifeboats there too
I head north up what the locals call Consti
I chicken out and take the cliff railway
Over the hills to Clarach
Where crazy golf is a pound a go
Back up Consti where the rain hits me
And then downwards back along the front
It's just a seaside town like I remember
Not pandering too much to anyone
But just picturesque and lovely
I wish it could stay just like this
Because sometimes being so unspoilt
Is actually an escape to bliss.

(Was inspired by a trip to Aberystwyth as well, wish I'd gone there years before I did but was so pleased I finally made the trip out - twas lovely.)


Another part of the sculpture falls
And it's all looking quite poor
It doesn't like the B of the Bang
More like something we don't adore
It's full of rust and looks so brown
That it seems quite an eyesore
And as for more spikes falling out
The locals can't take it much more
Heatherwick should have had an idea
When he built the sculpture so tall
The Mancunian wind and rain is lethal
And so would cause the spikes to fall.

(Say no more really - to be honest, the B of the Bang is an unmitigated disaster and unlike lots of public art is in fact rubbish.)

Self Deprecating Haiku

Don't point that mirror
Near me or else it'll smash
I don't look that good!

(Well if you can't laugh at yourself...)