Poetry - April 2007

Three Concerts of Inspiration

I made the trip over the peaks on the bus
And got to Nottingham with the minimum of fuss
A fellow fan helped me out with a ticket to see
The woman who's become an inspiration to me
I then went to Sheffield and to the Leadmill
To see the enjoyment and to see the thrill
Of having the acoustic and electric guitars play
That I could quite frankly listen to all day
Then to my home town gig at Manchester Academy 3
And with a special atmosphere I felt so happy and free
I wish that the night could have gone on much longer
My inspiration had the flu, but she was stronger
She kept on playing in a professional way
The songs were just wonderful to hear her to play
With her band in tow everything just sounded so sweet
And now it's all over I just feel really complete.

(Reading last month's diary will make sense of this one for you. Suffice to say that I had a whale of a time following a very special artist.)

Can I Just Say?

Can I just say that you really look well?
Can I just say that everything is fine with you?
Can I just say that you don't need to worry?
Can I just say that you won't feel so blue?

(Maybe it's something that people try to say by asking can they say what they want to say anyway. I know, I know!)

The Ripoff Carnival

Life is a carnival if you live in the Caribbean
You get the good weather, you get the scenery
And now the Cricket World Cup has landed there
You'd think that it would be one hell of a party
But alas the organisers have missed a big trick
By charging ridiculous ticket prices for a game
That the ordinary person in the street can't go
And cheer on their heroes which seem such a shame
So if you live there and you want to see Brian Lara
Or maybe Dwayne Bravo, or the laid back Chris Gayle
You have to earn a considerable amount of money
To get a ticket for one game where you hope they don't fail
But surely to increase the appeal of the game to the people
You'd want the stadiums full for all games to be seen
By as many that would embrace the carnival atmosphere
Not have half empty stadia that's quiet and serene
When you consider the teams that are playing there
You have to wonder why the expense was a good idea
To price the ordinary fan out of the Caribbean people's game
And to reduce the World Cup to one lacking atmosphere.

(I'm quite sure that a lot of people living in the West Indies would have seen more games at the Cricket World Cup if the prices were sensible enough in the first place. Something that has been learned by the likes of the Commonwealth Games - make it affordable and people will go to watch. Even the earlier rounds of the World Snooker are just £10.)

Paint The Town Red And White

You're in Cardiff watching your team
Reach their first major final ever
And you want them to do well
The nerves set in before kick off
Sixty thousand or so in total are here
To see if their team can win the trophy
You can't believe your luck
Forty nine seconds and you're one nil up
And within five minutes you've made it two
You're in dream land right now
The score stays the same at half time
In the TV studio the pundits say
That the next goal could well be crucial
Oh why did they have to be so right?
You think as it's now 2-1 after a penalty
But worse is to come and it's two a piece
And all of a sudden it doesn't seem so happy
Tired legs and minds run around the pitch
One last effort before extra time comes to nothing
Another half hour of emotional drain awaits
As you watch and hope that somethng will happen
Second period of extra time you get a corner
And then you watch in awe as your captain heads it in
You go mental and realise that could be the winner
And so it proves to be for you
The cup belongs to your team and you can paint the town
(With Johnstone's Paint of course) in red and white.

(Well done to Doncaster for winning the Johnstone's Paint Trophy final. I know someone who's a fan of the team and he was there today cheering them on. It's proved so worth it.)

Love or Money?

If asked the question what would I reply?
Well, money's all very well if you have it
And it does certainly make your life a bit easier
But at the same time you could be rich
And feel that there's something missing in your life
We all need balance and emotional feeling
We all need someone at some time to be the special one
And when you have that feeling of love
Nothing in the world can touch it or rise above it
Even if you were poor and not earning that much
If you were both together and in love it wouldn't matter
As much as you'd think because you'd still be as one
Money can sometimes be the root of all evil
And can be a cause for a weakness and a divide
But somehow if you've got love instead of that
You just feel that there's an enormous sense of pride
That feeling that nothing can substitute how you feel
As you want to spend that special time with someone.

(Simple, but to the point.)