Poetry - April 2006

Why Is Life So Hard On Me?

If I could answer so many questions about my own life
I'd try to work out why life has been so hard on my bad self
It took away my own speech until I reached the age of three
Life decided then I'd be another statistical bullying victim
And that I'd never comprehend just why people hated me so
Even though now it seems rather obvious
In that I had the slightest bit of intelligence in my mind
And that I was different from other people; somewhat weird you might say
And yet in all those formative years on my life
I always thought that I was never really me
My exterior showed a different side from the true inside
And now it's also my defence barrier - I let who I want in
But why is life so hard on me?
Why does everything revolve around the bad things in the world?
And who gave the Government the right to judge what I do in my life
When theirs are just corrupt, insecure and politically motivated.

(Rhetorically I'm asking a lot of those questions on a daily basis at the moment...)

Compelled By Lies

He goes to the war, he never questions why
All that he knows is that he's been compelled
By the lies that spew forth from Bush's lack of intellect
And the nodding Tony Blair who follows like a dog
Yet when he, the soldier, arrives in the country
All he sees is divine hatred of what he has to do
Of people who just want independence and rights
That have been forgotten in political jockeying for position
As the months go on and the people die
He questions whether he should be here
Fed a ton of spin and counter spin all along
And realising the fifteen minute warning was all wrong
Yet he's now stuck in the middle of the desert
Only making sure he keeps himself alive
Because of the idiots that control his country
He was compelled to go to war by lies.

(No wonder people hate the USA and the UK so much - I mean if you were a soldier would you have felt so lied to? And what of the soldiers who've died unnecessarily?)

What Wembley?

They said it would be ready for the Cup Final
And that passed away quite easily
Then they said it'd be ready for some pop concerts
And now they've all gone to Milton Keynes
Now there's some dislodged pipes underneath
Which will possibly mean completion in 2007
With all these delays going on it makes me wonder
If the new Wembley has gone all trembly?
And is this a sign for things to come
When 2012 comes around and everything must be on time?
I can only hope the construction company are never hired again
Or simply just not put everything in London.

(Good job Manchester City didn't qualify for the FA Cup final then!)

It Can Be Done!

Apple launched the Intel-based Mac
And soon enough people started to think
I'd love the hardware but want to run Windows XP on it
Wonder if it could ever be done
And so some hackers got to work to achieve it
By customising some necessary files and information
And then as people tried to get it all working
The competition was one
It can be done
Windows XP running on a Mac might seem surreal
People might even ask why?
But at the same time there's a plethora of uses
No more Virtual PC needed for a start
And then Apple decided to put it in the next OS
Just think of the possibilities
Of having the best of both worlds

(A Mac Mini could just be that one step closer to being purchased now...)

Everything's Not So Cool

In chaos and madness
The screeching of bird flu
The H5 is so wrong
And no cure in between
Birds one by one
Just die in a blood pool
And all of a sudden
Everything's not so cool.

(Seeing as the bird flu hits the UK this week, quite apt..)